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Need Prescription Eye Pro?

We have got you covered!


For a while now we have stocked the BOLLE Raider Kit Ballistic Airsoft Safety Glasses from BOLLE Tactical, also licensed under BOLLE Safety, but not a lot of you know about them. The kit consists of close fitting goggles/glasses that are suitable for anyone who requires prescription glasses to aid with vision either it be daily or occasionally. The most important part is the lens insert.


We get a lot of enquiries into "What can I use that will fit over my glasses in Airsoft?". Well, you do not need to cover up anymore. It has always been a case of using big mesh which is hard to see though or spending big money on a custom made mask which can be a little restrictive to what guns you can aim with.


You can now replace the old ways with a pair of BOLLE Raider Kit Ballistic Airsoft Safety Glasses that are incredibly comfortable, allow you to actually see and provide confidence in any Airsoft situation. You can run into any combat situation with your eyes protected and excellent vision.

So, what do you need to do with this kit?

First of all the kit comes with everything you need, the most important part is the prescription lens insert. This accessory fits the BOLLE Raider Kit Ballistic Airsoft Safety Glasses and should be taken to your opticians once purchased from our website or in store. Most opticians will GLAZE (install) your prescription lenses. However if you are not so lucky you can still get your optician to write up the paperwork then "Contact BOLLE SAFETY" who will do the GLAZING (installation) for you.


The costs vary depending on who your optician is and also the type of lenses you require. Some opticians will GLAZE (install) your lenses into the BOLLE Raider Kit insert the same day but most may require you to drop off and collect in a few days. BOLLE will do this service and post to your desired address once completed.


The end result? See our beautiful workshop engineer modelling the BOLLE Raider Kit Ballistic Airsoft Safety Glasses below.


Want your own kit? "Click Here" to buy now.

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