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New Arrivals! – OCTARMS

For those who haven't already seen our Facebook and Instagram updates, the new ARES OCTARMS AMOEBA Pro KM series M4's are now available in store and online. 

"Click Here" to find the full range but be sure to scroll to the bottom of our page for the OCTARMS range. Check out the gallery below to see a fully kitted up "ARES AMOEBA Pro KM13 13" OCTARMS M4 -Tan" that we have built in store with all accessories that can be find on our website.

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7 thoughts on “New Arrivals! – OCTARMS”

  1. Garry

    Bought the 12″ version of this from you 2 weeks ago. Went to Skirmish Mansfield on Mother’s Day on its first outing. Chronographed at 290 fps using .25g, very happy. The gun is super accurate and consistent with it. Never faulted all day. The mag fed perfect and so did the 2 Dboy’s hi cap mags I bought aswel. Very impressed
    Garry, Worksop, Nottinghamshire


    1. Karl Post author

      Range always varies from every AEG dependent on BB choice, environment etc. We have not shot one of these outdoors so we cannot give a precise answer. Best yo check YouTube and Google for reviews.


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