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Newsletters! Don’t junk it :(

Read all about it!

A few of you have clearly opened our newsletters, thank you. But there are still many unopened ones. We have been sending these out weekly over the last month, but we have made this blog to enable you to get a little more out of each issue and to know it is not spam. They are genuinely from our store, hand made and we don't want you to miss out on offers, news and more that are not seen on our website or Facebook all of the time.

junk folder

So, first thing first, check your junk folder! If you see anything from info@patrolbase.co.uk then assign it to be from a safe sender or mark as not junk email.

add sender to safe list

Next up, allow our images. You won't be able to see much if you do not trust our email address and allow the images. You will only ever have to do this once then every email in the future will load automatically with all content.

We send out our newsletters every Friday at the moment but we are looking to introduce mini press releases every so often in the evening. Something interesting to read up on whilst you are forced to watch X-Factor repeats with the Mrs...

For those who have missed out, below is a screen-grab of a previous newsletter we sent out. The links do not work as it is just a screenshot but you can search for all of the products from the letter in our search bar at the top of this page.


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