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For those who aren't already aware of the new range from NUPROL, you are going to find this an incredible read!

This blog has been brought to your by Stuart, one of our in-house photographers and wizard-bearded warriors.


NUPROL's new range of AEGs known as the DELTA series, are mostly all based on the M4 platform. So we decided to put one of these weapons through its paces and take it to a skirmish to let you know how it performs. The first decision to make was which one to take. This wasn't too hard of a decision to make as they all have the same internals, and so will perform very much the same as each other. The result? It was all about the looks, size and feel.

In the end, I chose the AK21 mainly because it was the most non-looking M4 and had what looked to be some very interesting features that I wanted to see if they were useful or just maybe a bit of a gimmick.

Before heading off to my next game I added to the AK21 a torch with a pressure switch, a low profile red dot and ran a 7.4v 1300Mah Lipo. For magazines I chose to run with a simple MAG midcap magazine (Click here to find the mags I used).


So off to the Stan we went! I personally have a great level of knowledge from playing at the Stan on many occasions. Upon arrival at the site I did think to myself, “did I choose the wrong gun?”,  "is taking a rifle with a 20” barrel going to come back to bite me in the CQB environment of the Stan". I know how most people move around the site but having a gun this length is not a popular choice for this environment.

However, the first game was now on. The now infamous push back game, after losing the toss our opponents chose to attack. I took up my defensive position behind a try wall and immediately realised the length of the weapon was not going to be a problem. It shouldered well and the low profile dot sight made it super easy to quickly get a sight picture because of the raised top rail. The enemy started coming and I engaged the micro switch trigger which was brilliant, nice pull and even has a slight trigger break with a very nice easy to feel reset.

After a few targets presented themselves (I had fired about 10-20 shots) the gun stopped dead! Oh No! Had it died? Had I not charged my battery fully? I turn the selector to full auto and the gun unlocked, this never happened again through the whole day. With the motor being very high torque I would recommend a 9.6v NiMH or a decent discharge rating 7.4v LiPo.


As this first game progressed and our team was pushed back deeper into the factory floor, the engagement distances started to increase. The further we were pushed the further we had to shoot to hit the enemy players but the AK21 did not falter. Double taps (and higher) over 30 to 40 metres were easily keeping an A4 sized grouping making it very easy to suppress any enemies nor behind cover.

After a few games we broke for lunch and I was still using the same 1300mah battery, this thing was just not using any power. So I did a quick ammo check and I had used at least 700 rounds and didn't really feel the battery was starting to die. I decided to keep the same battery in for the rest of the day just out of curiosity and astoundingly it lasted! 1300mah! Lasted a full days skirmish….. amazing. All in all, I would say I fired approximately 2000 round on semi auto all day. This is one of the most energy efficient weapons I have used.

Over the remainder of the day I achieved many long range kills along with experiencing comfortable moving to cover which made me confident with the weapons capabilities. But even with the weapon being 3kg with no accessories it is very well balanced and is easy to shoulder and hold in an aimed position.

To sum the day up, I really enjoyed using the AK21 and it ticks all the boxes for a very good AEG, and as the whole Delta range has the same internals there is a weapon there for everyone from cheap budget “entry” level weapons like the Pioneer Defender to full metal “Pro” weapons like the AK21 and the Delta Recon.

The only thing I would like to see is a CQB shorter barrel for the AK21 so it was more like its multi calibre real steal counterpart the ARAK21. If you're looking for a new airsoft AEG either your first or just another I highly recommend any of the NUPROL DELTA series.


+Battery efficiency
+Micro trigger system
+Good ranged grouping
+Raised top rail perfect for players with lower or full face protection


-Struggled with 7.4v
-AK21 has no standard sights out the box
-Needs a good barrel clean when new

Want to have a DELTA series for yourself? "Click Here"

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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2 thoughts on “NUPROL DELTA Field Test!”

  1. Toby Kennett

    Hey, was just wondering if you experienced any mag wobble with the MAG mid-caps or nuprols own metal hi cap that comes with the gun, i only have the latter and a nuprol flash hi cap, both have some substantial wobble, i have seen the same issue (or rather heard the clattering mag) in other reviews of all the Delta series models with stock mags, is this something you experienced? if so, did the new hi caps fix it?


    1. Karl Post author

      Hi, it is something we have not experienced or received complaints of yet. If you are local, come visit our store and we can investigate it for you.


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