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Fancy your own ROF monster?
We can make your dreams come true. What does ROF stand for? Rate Of Fire, the faster it is the bigger the smile it gives you but we don't all build and run these for a fast full auto firing mode.

A faster rate of fire is a faster single cycle, meaning a much better single shot trigger response. This is great for faster and more efficient room clearing in any Airsoft game. It allows you to go from one target to the next in a quicker sweep.

So what have we made in the video below? The customer wanted this old school P90 done up. This is a TM P90 with Nitro.Vo P90 rail system, custom suppressor, M4-boxmag system and extended battery cap. Back in the day, these setups were popular and known for their suppressive capabilities.

What did we put inside?
The customer wanted to have this turned into a high rate of fire P90.

We installed the following parts (all parts available from our store, "Click Here" to contact us for telephone orders of these parts:
Keensharp 16:1 gearset
Keensharp double sector gear
Keensharp piston
ASG Ultimate P90 cylinder head
ASG Ultimate P90 nozzle (click here)
Guarder P90 tappet plate
ASG Ultimate MP5 cylinder (click here)
Keensharp Pistonhead
ASG Infinity CNC 22K motor
Guarder steel bushings

Let's get technical:
We also redid the wiring for less resistance during high current draws. Initially, the rifle was running too fast and was getting tappet/piston PME. At Patrol Base we use the SKAN Chrono, which shows live results when firing full auto. This enables us to easily see when the above-mentioned situation happens.


We mitigated this by installing a Gate WARFET and used the rate of fire reduction feature to fine tune the maximum functional rate of fire. For spring, we chose the Guarder SP140. This gave us the result of roughly 103-104m/s (340 ish fps). For a smooth DSG SP140 with no piston bearing configuration, that indicates an acceptable level of air compression.

We also installed a 200mm MADBULL 6,03 barrel and a .70 ASG hop-up rubber.

The end result is a P90 that shoots 92-93m/s with a G&G .25 BB. This comes out to about 340fps equivalent with a 0.20 BB in energy. The rate of fire is 36rounds per second, with a current draw of about 13-14A. A perfectly efficient result.

This blog post has been brought to you by our gun tech, Jeppe 🙂

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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2 thoughts on “P90 ROF MONSTER!”

  1. martin williams

    hy jeepe could you tell what the total cost would be if i had my old p90 up graded to the one in your video as am very tempted to have this done please email me with the cost and how to send my gun to you


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