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Black Friday Airsoft 2019

Who likes saving money, we do, you do, we all do! This year's Black Friday is going to be something special here at Patrol Base, we're offering some of the biggest discounts we've ever offered. If you can't find something you want, we'll be very surprised!

For those of you don't know: Black Friday started in the US, being the first shopping day after Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Over here in the UK we've adopted the event, basically making it a huge shopping day to find reduced price items and kit allowing you to either pick up something for yourself, or as a cheaper Christmas gift for a loved one.

We're running a Black Friday event so you can get your hands on some discounted Airsoft Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers and more. Pick up that gun you've always wanted, but has just been out of range. Don't worry though Black Friday is not just limited to Guns, we'll be having offers on a wide range of Gear, Kit, and attachments as well!

Getting Prepared for Black Friday?

Black Friday goes live Midnight 29/11/19

(Thats 12am on the 29th, in case you're wondering)

If you want to bookmark our Black Friday Page in preparation you can find it here:

Keep an eye out! There are going to be some unmissable deals! We're not just saying that because we're the seller, there are a few products on there our staff are going to be trying to buy on midnight too!

Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Eye Protection

Welcome to the latest video in the Patrol Base Airsoft Beginners Guide collection, this time featuring Patrol Base Stu who is here to talk to us about a subject which will affect every single Airsoft player: Eye Protection. Whether you're a first time player, or someone who plays every weekend, you all have one thing in common, you all wear eye protection to protect your squish soft eyes from being popped when shot with a BB (Thankfully, we've never witnessed this!).

In this video we'll discuss the different types of eye protection, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. If you prefer to watch the video you can check it below, or keep on reading for more in-depth discussion.

Mesh Eye Protection

We've got a couple of choices of mesh out protection here, usually either goggles or glasses style, or more rarely a full face mask with a full mesh front. Normally it's made out of sheet stamped steel, and has foam around the back to create a nice positive seal when it's on your face.

The pros of this is the heat can escape very very easily thanks to the little holes, preventing any form of fog up, so you're not going to start losing vision or finding it difficult to see enemy targets at range. The holes are not big enough for a BB to pass through, but are just large enough to allow you to see through with as little sight reduction as possible.

Things to watch out for with mesh is that small bits of debris, dust, dirt, and anything like that if you're crawling around can make their way through and then you'll have maybe have to leave game clean them up and get back in. Another minor negative for mesh is that because they don't allow as much light in they slightly impair your vision. If you're going into somewhere that's quite dark a building CQB or if it's coming into the evening in winter time you will lose some of your natural vision with the sort of blurry effect that it gives you slightly.

Polycarbonate Lenses

The next thing we're going to talk about is Polycarbonate Glasses, usually the classic form of eye protection when it comes to Airsoft. There's an absolutely massive scale when it comes to polycarbonate there's a wide range of tints, shapes and sizes available, allowing you to pick the perfect lens for the situation.

A good example of this is tinted glasses, an example being the Bollé™ smoked glasses. They're slightly tinted so you also have polarized eye protection, and these are basically sunglasses that are ballistically protected. They're always labeled with polarized and these are for when you're playing in summer on very bright days.

There's also yellow frames, these high light targets at distance and increase the light coming through the glasses, makes it very easy to see targets at range.

Another bonus for these is like with the Sawflys that you can see here: on the inside they have an insert so that you can get prescription glasses fitted inside them, meaning you can do away with expensive contact lenses whilst playing.

The main benefit for the polycarbonate lensed glasses and goggles is that almost all of these have an actual industry standard ballistic rating so when these are hit by bb's you know there are a hundred percent safe.

When it comes to the pros and cons with polycarbonate, the pros are you get very very good field of view there's very little degradation towards your vision especially at range, going inside and outside of buildings you're gonna be very very good. When it comes to the downsides sometimes people get fogging up issues: sweat on the glasses and it becomes very difficult to see.

There's many many ways to stop this we have our ex fog system that's in stock now it blows air around the top of the glasses and if constant flow of air of the glasses prevents them from fogging up. A second way of stopping it is Bollé produce anti fog wipes, sprays, everything like that.

It Produces a little film over the back of the glasses again preventing fogging up. The final way to do it the Dye mask over here, and the Dye mask lens that's yellow they have what's called a thermal layer there's two sheets of plastic and a pair gap between again this creates a nice little thermal layer for them prevents the steam and the condensation building on the inside of the glasses.

The biggest negative that some people have with polycarbonate ones like this is they are quite difficult to find the right set for your face we always recommend coming in store try on as many pairs as you can and just make sure you get the one that fits your face properly you don't want to find any gaps under your eyes here around the back here and seeing them sit off your face slightly.

One final note some sites may not allow a mesh or must provide full face protection check with your local site or wherever you're going to go play airsoft and make sure you abide by their rules before you turn up so you not dissapointed on the day.

Thanks for watching and look forward to the next new player introduction video.

Christmas Late Night Thursday @ Patrol Base 5/12/19

Christmas Late Night Thursday Airsoft

IT'S CHRISTMAS! Well, when this blog post goes out technically it won't be, but for this Late Night Thursday Christmas has come early! We're doing Christmas Patrol Base Style, with giveaways, competitions and more, all in-store at our Huddersfield bricks and mortar shop!

Come down and make Christmas 2019 one you won't forget for a long time!

"But what is Late Night Thursday, and why is it so special?" we hear you ask, and it's simple: The first Thursday of every month we're running a special event where we stay open until 9pm and invite visitors, run competitions, and generally have a good time.

Need to stay in the loop?

Don't want to forget the event? Sign up to our event on Facebook to receive notifications on whats happening so you don't miss your chance to get your hands on a great set of prizes:

Christmas Late Night Thursday at Patrol Base

Whats on?

Win Big with our Crimbo Shooting Competition

We're having the most festive competition yet: you're given a pistol with one round on a table in front of you and your job is to quickly aim, take fire, and hit a target as fast as you can.

With multiple prizes up for grabs it's a no brainer to come down and prove to the world that you're the fastest and most accurate pistol shooter in the UK and get yourself some swag as a reward.

You can win by either:

Shooting Santa's Red Ball 🎅
Shoot the red target hidden amongst the gold baubles to be entered into a draw to win a £300 voucher drawn at the end of the night
Being the fastest Shooter 🦌
Be the quickest to fire and hit the target IPSC style to win a ASG Gas Blowback MP9 generously donated by a Action Sport Games!

Sit on Tactical Santa's lap, and slide your Wishlist in his sack!

Come down and meet Tactical Santa, he'll be here on the night to listen to all the Boys and Girls Airsoft wishlists!

Put together your own wish list which you can get on the night or download beforehand and write down exactly what you'd love Santa to bring down your chimney this holiday season. Who knows, wishes might come true this festive period!


Grab yourself an exclusive Christmas sticker

Each event has its own unique sticker, and this event is no different, but this time the sticker is a bit more festive! Collect them to get entered into upcoming Late Night Thursday Competitions.

This event you'll bag yourself the Christmas sticker, great for sticking on the gun case that holds the brand new Gun you just won in the competition 😉

Get Christmas Gift Help

Need help with buying gifts for your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Significant Other, Son, Daughter, or Dog, Cat, or even a Friend? Our little elves will be running around and can answer all your Airsoft questions under the sun. They can help you with anything you might need, and even suggest great items if you're on a budget.

Terms & Conditions

  • Anyone can take part but you must be 18+ to win.
  • If your name is pulled out at the end of the night and you are under 18 you can pick an over 18 to receive the gun on your behalf.
  • You do not need a UKARA to win, if you do not have an Airsoft Defence we will Two Tone your replica free of charge.

Where is Patrol Base?

We have a well stocked Airsoft shop right here in the UK! If you've ever fancied getting your hands on a replica before you buy then now is your chance. There is even free off-road parking available!

You can visit us in person at the following address:

Patrol Base Ltd.
Unit 5 Dale Street Mills,
Dale Street,
Open in Google Maps >

So there it is! What are you getting up to on Thursday 5th of December?

We already know: You'll be visiting us for Late Night Thursday for a chance to win some great Christmas Presents, meet Tactical Santa, and go home with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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