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Paint Tips and Ideas

With the recent Christmas there is no doubt some of you may have just picked your self up a shiny new Airsoft toy or two, but you fancy making it custom and look a littel different to everyone else who ownes one...

The simplest method would be to purchase and fit some fancy optics, lasers, grenade launchers or other accessories but if your after something truely custom then its going to be a new paintjob!

Aswell as offering a paint service (Contact Us for more information) we thought we would share some advice from ourselves and the professionals at Krylon.

As allways we reccomend the use of Krylon for painting, especially for the painting of plastics and metals used to produce Airsoft AEG, spring and gas rifles.

Project Ideas

  • Decorating garden features including flower pots, pathways and furniture
  • Camouflauging vehicles, sporting equipment and Airsoft toy guns

Remember to allways read the insturctions on the can before carrying out any project!

Preperation Tips

  • Be sure to thoroughly clean any surfance from muck, rust and other stains before painting
  • Lightly sand your painting surface for a better bond
  • Allthough not allways necessary you may need tp primer the surface before using crylon
  • Allways make sure a primered surface has no intended defects, muck or marks before painting
  • Prepare your environment to capture any over spray
  • Ventelate your spraying environment and wearing adequete protective gear

Camo Painting Advice / Tips

A popular style for painting using Krylon's range of paints is to recreate a camo style paint job. There are a range of camo styles including Urban digi cam, traditional DPM, Swedish and more.

One thing that helps massively is having the stenciles or templates to do the job! Krylon have provided basic camo style stenciles here.

An extract on how one Krylong customer painted there entire Jeep in Krylon can be found below, enjoy:


  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer - Gray (#51318)
  • Krylon Camouflage Paint with Fusion Technology - Black (#4290)
  • Krylon Camouflage Paint with Fusion Technology - Khaki (#4291)
  • Krylon Camouflage Paint with Fusion Technology - Brown (#4292)
  • Krylon Camouflage Paint with Fusion Technology - Olive (#4293)
  • Krylon Snap & Spray - (#7099)
  • Latex gloves (optional)

General Supplies

  • Sand paper or a small orbital sander
  • Small putty trowel
  • Newspaper
  • Painters masking tape (I used green body work masking tape)
  • Freshly cut live tree branches, some dead wood branches and any local vegetation in your area (wait until you’re ready to paint to gather these)


  1. Remove all side trims, which are held in place by double-faced tape. To remove these, use a small putty trowel to lift one end gently as you pull evenly. The trim will slowly come loose without breaking. Remove bumpers and mask everything else that you do not want to paint.
  2. The whole surface to be painted should be without any rust, clean and lightly sanded to ensure proper bonding of the paint. Apply primer in THIN coats following directions on can until it fully hides the old surface providing an opaque gray finish. Ideally it should be left to completely dry and cure. Personally, I’d wait at least 7 days, during which dust and dirt is most likely to accumulate so a good wash will be needed before a LIGHT sanding in preparation of the final step.
  3. IMPORTANT: READ INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PAINT CAN PRIOR TO PAINTING. Collect fresh plants and dead sticks just before applying the Camouflage paint.
  4. The following color order of application should be followed for best results: Khaki, Olive, Brown and Black. With your Khaki paint well shaken, hold a leafy branch or dead stick as close to the vehicle as possible without actually touching it (by touching it or laying it flat on the surface you will make runs in the paint), then spray paint in short bursts until the negative of your branch is visible on the surface, change branch and repeat the process not too far from the first one again and again until you have been around the whole body of the vehicle. On my truck, 2 cans of the same color were plenty to go all the way around. Keep in mind you will have 3 more colors to apply once this one is done so at this point it is normal to still see primed surface.
  5. Now using the Olive green paint do exactly the same as above followed by the Brown and then black paint. Keep in mind that if you make the paint run on one spot you can wipe it off since you will be able to cover small mistakes like that as you go along with different colors and the finish job itself makes mistakes extremely hard to see…that’s the beauty of this “Camouflage system”. Even later if you scratch your paint, touch-ups are made by simply spraying a small amount of any of the 4 colors of the system for an invisible instant repair.

Pictures of the end result:

Krylon Painted Jeep

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