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Predator Maintenance Gas 144A

We have had our hands on the Abbey Predator Maintenance GAS 144A now for just over 24hours and have fixed 4 magazines already within a matter of seconds!

The Gas is suitable for GBB and NBB Airsoft devices including Pistols, 40mm grenades, Sniper GAS bolts and more. On the tin the Gas is recommended for new guns and any sticking or under performance problems. This Gas is what you need to solve most issues!

It is recommended you use the Gas once every 10 magazines to maintain top performance. The Gas contains UPL, a high performance lubricant, especially formulated for the seals and internals of your gun.

Expect to see improved accuracy and better performance.

The Maintenance Gas is also perfect in cold and hot climates, great for keeping your magazine running all through winter and in hot climates where heat may cause your magazines and seals to expand. This Gas is designed to prevent such events causing long lasting damage.

Simply use the Gas as you would your normal Gas. Then use your normal Gas after emptying a GBB or NBB magazine or other Gas device. It really is simple and can save you a lot of future heartache.

We have also used this Gas in all of our display Airsoft guns in store. So the next time you come visit us or order online, you can purchase a gun knowing it has been looked after and maintained before it’s even left the shop.

The gas is currently available at £7.99 a bottle and can be found "here".

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