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PTS Battle Comps

The most expensive flash hider / comp I have ever purchase, but oh boy does it complete my rifle!


The PTS Syndicate Battle Comps have been in stock for some time on the wall but now we have added them to our website. The price tag appears steap but you are getting a one of a kind accessory that doesn't come standard on any gun. The comp is also heavily sought after in the real steal shoots world and compliments many AEG and GBB Airsoft rifles.


I personally have mine submerged within the ANGRYGUN Wirecutter rail system, another product that will be online soon. So be sure to keep checking our website daily for updates.

Both the 2" and 1.75" comps are CNC produced from steel with incredible detail and tolerances. The BBs just fly out from the end but so far I haven't experienced any clipping issues.

I really love the White BCE detailing too, the shim kit that is included allows for perfect alignment so they are always on show and in line with the rest of the trades on my RIF. This is something that is often hard to achieve and perfect with cheap alternative flash hiders.

If you too want to GUCCI up your RIF a little "Click Here" to see what's available. Be sure to refresh the page in the next day or two as there will be more flash hiders available too.

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