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Save your face

We've just got a brand new product in, a full face mask which is super functional, and can be used by players of all ages. The mask is comprised of two major parts, the Helmet, and the Face Mask, which can be used separately or together. With the Helmet being based off a FAST Helmet design, and the lower being based on a modified Mesh Lower, and then connected by a special adaptor on either side.

What makes this helmet truly great, is that not only does it cover your face completely, keep you cool, and protected from BBs, it can also be used by the younger Airsoft Players, who often have trouble finding comfy headgear as most Airsoft Sites in the UK require younger players to wear full face protection, and makes for a more tactical looking face cover than a standard paintball mask.

The Helmet

The Helmet itself is based on the FAST Helmet design, meaning it features all the best bits in terms of comfort and fitting. The helmet is constructed with a Polymer shell with adjustable neck straps and rear head restraint, with Velcro on the top for attaching Patches and Covers.

Internally the helmet features foam padding which can be removed should you want to replace them with aftermarket pads, or for more space, and feature adjustable traps to allow the helmet to be held snugly on the wearers head.

The Helmet also features a front NVG mount, allowing a range of helmet accessories to be attached, ranging from GoPro Mounts for Youtubers and Movie Makers, all the way to Torches and other attachments.

The Left and Right Side of the helmet also feature rails for attaching Torches, Cameras and other Tac Gear.

The Mask

The Mask section is comprised of three major parts: The Mesh Lower, The Mesh and Lens View Piece and the Side Rail Connectors.

The Side connectors are designed to be attached to the Helmet, which allow the two component parts of the helmet to be split. These are constructed from heavy duty polymer and hold the mask from both the left and right giving it a solid grip and preventing the two parts from sliding independently during game play.

The Lower half of the Mask is made from Mesh, and is designed to be highly breathable to prevent the lens from fogging up, and cover the entire face including the user's chin. Due to the nature of mesh, it can be slightly bent and molded to fit the users face.

The most important part of the Mask is the connected lens piece, which is a transparent perspex lens which is held in place by a mesh front. The lens has been made from a transparent piece of perspex with the intention of giving the user the maximum amount of visiblity, but is thick enough to take impacts from high powered BB impacts.

The Lens benefits from the Mesh Surrounding, making it harder to fog up, a major problem with other standard Paintball and Airsoft one piece plastic face masks.

Available Options

The mask is available in the following options:

Can this be used by under 18's?

Can u use this if ur under 18???

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! Yes, most sites in the UK would classify this as Full Face Protection meaning it can be used by under 18's! Please always make sure you drop them an Email, Call or Message to double check with them to avoid disappointment on the day! Hope this helps 🙂

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