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Scorpion Evo Carry Bag – Video

We are now stocking the official "ASG Scorpion Evo Foam Inlay Carry Bag". 

We have also done a short video review showing the inside and out along with what you can store in the bag. Click the video link below:


ASG Scorpion Evo carry case designed to hold everything you need for a skirmish pretty much within the size of a suit case. The case measures in at 20 inches long, 14 inches high and 4 inches thick. The front of the case 3x magazine pouches, 1 x supply pouch ideal for storing BBs and a large utility pouch, ideal for carrying maps, documents or more BBs and pyro!


The inside is filled with hard pre-cut foam. The gun section is completely hollow, there are 3 other compartments with removable foam to store a spare Scorpion Evo magazine, flash hider and battery. The foam with a little cutting can happily hold the GHK G5 GBB too! So a case cheap, robust and suitable not just for one gun.

If you want to read more information or purchase the carry bag "Click Here". 

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