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Sniper Season – Custom Build Project Blog – Part 1

In the first part of this project blog, I will  be showing you what was purchased and plans on what the project will cover, enjoy!

It has been a while since I upgraded a VSR but have been getting the urge to get back into sniping (and Airsoft in general) for a while now. I fortunately managed to acquire a partially upgraded Tokyo Marui VSR Pro from a recently Airsoft car-boot sale held at HALO MILL in Huddersfield West Yorkshire. It was a bit of a bargain but wasn't working 100% with a 500fps cylinder set. So, the project began the other night in repairing the rifle to withstand 500fps.

The gun came as just the rifle with 4 magazines, silencer adapter and the following upgrades:

ASPUK VSR high pressure piston
# ASPUK M150 spring
SHS steel sears, 1st and 2nd
ASPUK high pressure steel cylinder (black)
ASPUK upgraded cylinder head

With the main upgrades already installed, I am fortunate in that I don't need to spend a great deal in more upgrades. The other upgrades that will be purchased shortly include:

# Laylax 6.03 inner barrel 430mm length
MAD BULL Red accellorater hop rubber / Firefly hard VSR hop rubber

Fingers crossed there won't be a need for a zero-trigger of any kind. I have however already fitted a few accessories which are all bought in store. These include:

ASG - Universal Bipod
Swiss Arms - Universal Dark Silencer

So the imediate plans for the gun:

Fix the slam firing with a 500fps spring / bolt, install a 6.03 tightbore and achieve 500fps with an m130 or m140 spring to achieve incredibly light bolt pull

# Polished internals for an easier bolt pull
# Top down center hop mod
# Filled stock
# One piece paper barrel spacer
# Magazine mag pulls
# Hessian ghillie
# Web-tex tape wrap

So what's coming next? How I will fix the slam firing at 500fps, photos of installing a tight bore and MAD BULL accelerator hop rubber and filling of the stock. After that I will be blogging how I will achieve 500fps and an easier bolt pull plus polishing.

Hope to have the second part of the blog up next week!

Stay tuned,


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