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Sniper Season – Custom Build Project Blog – Part 3

Progress is slow but today a big task has been completed, not the biggest of tasks! There is a load more work left to do on this rifle.

The fps is now between 490 and 500 and the stock has been completely filled with Plasticine, today's blog will show how this has been achieved, a relatively easy job and very enjoyable.

So the fps was first resolved, luckily all I had to do was fit a different spring and no chopping was required! How lucky! There was already a chopped m150 spring inside the rifle and chopping it any more would have resulted in possible slam firing due to the spring guide set pin falling out (due to lack of spring tension).

So, I took a gamble and went for an "ASG High Power Spring" designed for an L96. The spring only just slips over the spring guide and has a lot of room inside the piston, I was worried this wouldn't work due to the length of the spring but also the amount of free play inside the piston. However, after the first test shot I got the results shown below!

With the hop off and silencer not on I am quite happy with the result, roughly 498 to 499fps.

So with the internals done for now I moved onto the "sound" problems. With a Tokyo Marui VSR stock being very hollow Every shot (especially at 500fps) has a lot of vibration and you do feel a bit of a kick into your shoulder. From past experience filling the stock takes away the kick, resulting in more accurate shots especially when prone as you don't need to "re adjust" your sights so much if at all. Also it is fun to play with plasticine...

The above plasticine photo shows an orange stock... don't worry we are doing a customers gun at the same time (filling an L96 stock).

So with plasticine bough at £1.99 a block (not bad) here is what I hope to achieve from filling the stock:

# Reduce noise levels considerable
# Add more weight to increase stability
# Balance the rifle more

So with plasticine ready, simply get pulling off chunks and cram it in as tight as possible into any hole. Be careful not to cover the bolt holes that secure the upper and lower receiver together and the receiver into the hop unit. The stock will require you to use a piece of wood or screwdriver handle to push the plasticine deep inside the stock where you shoulder the rifle. Below are a few photos of progress:

Stock has been filled completely, you have to use a lot of pressure to really get the plasticine fully inside. Just keep knocking the outside of  the body in this area until it sounds full then you have finished.

The very front gap is completely filled and then smoothed to match the contours of the mid support beams. This was simply achieved with using the base of my thumb as shown below:

The surroundings of the trigger block took a bit of time to sort out but I have not completed this. I have filled it the best I could and then indented the trigger mechanism over and over until it leaves a print into the plasticine. You can then work out roughly how much more you need to add until you get a complete surround.  Below are pictures showing the surrounding trigger mechanism filled. There is some overflow caused, this can be cleaned up once complete by hand or a tooth pic to get into the gaps.

Below is a picture of what happens to the trigger mechanism once removed from being pressed into the plasticine. You will not break your trigger from doing this, even during operation of the rifle. You just want to make sure you only add a little bit of plasticine at a time.

Here are photos of the bits you will want to clean up after and to check they are seated properly! If they are not its down to you using too much plasticine inside.

That is pretty much it now for filling the stock. The surround around the trigger guard will change once I purchase a zero-trigger. The sound has been quietned significantly as noticed by all staff and is currently firing to 80 meters, you can not hear the gun being fired at all from 60 meters. We are yet to test at a closer range. The amount of kick going into the shoulder has also been massively decreased and the weight is excellent.

So with the gun now full and all working I am left with the following to do:

# Fit a zero trigger - Managed to source one cheap from a friend but needs some mechanical attention - This should result in an easier bolt pull!
# Filing the Teflon rings - To allow for a slightly easier bolt pull as I think they are dragging slightly
# One piece barrel spacer - Wrapping the inner barrel tightly in paper, results in no barrel wobble and further sound dampening
#  TDC hop mod and hop arm shimming - Very time consuming and will be one of the last jobs
# Hessian gun wrap - make it hidden in the woods

Hope you have enjoyed the updates, more progress shal be uploaded next week. The next task will be the one piece barrel spacer.

- Karl

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