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Sniper Season – Custom Build Project Blog – Part 4

Hello all, so a little bit of progress has been made since the last addition to the project blog. Not had much time for a lot of work due to a few big changes being made to Patrol Base, in store and online. Can't give too much detail on the subject but expect something very nice coming soon for everyone. Also we have launched a new Facebook competition, click the link "here" to find out more.

So what is today's blog all about? I bought a nice scope... and also the one piece inner barrel spacer is complete! All can be found below.

So why make a one piece barrel spacer? You could make this out of acrylic if you had a lathe and some time but unfortunately this is not what I had, any also the paper was free (so was the sellotape). So the benefits of a one piece barrel spacer:

# Limits barrel movement - practically nothing, side to side or vertically - should result in more consistent shots (accuracy)
# Acts as a buffer / absorbs forward vibration when the piston impacts the cylinder head / vibration then goes through the hop unit etc.
# Adds weight to the front end - balances the rifle out more, especially as the stock is now weighted with lots of plasticine

Remember I am not showing  you how to dismantle every part of the gun. YouTube is your friend for this, we do offer this kind of service at Patrol Base so contact us for a price. For this part all I needed was the outer barrel, inner barrel and hop assembly as pictured below:

To do this task, I removed the inner barrel but kept the hop unit on as pictured below:

With the main parts now out we can nearly start to wrap the paper around the inner barrel. To gauge how much paper it is going to take I used the pre-installed (off the original barrel) spacer as shown below, there is a significant amount of play. The barrel spacer used to be glued onto the original barrel further down the tapered outer barrel. This resulted in less play but I don't want to be gluing anything to the new shiny and expensive inner barrel.

Now the wrapping can commence... This will take quite some time but the results after are worth it. Try to make sure you have your paper taped onto the inner barrel along the long edge but make it level with the inner barrel. You will get to a point where when you wrap the paper round it is not going straight. Don't threat though, I end up doing this every time but a sharp craft knife allows you to cut away the excess and make it all nice and even as shown later:

Slightly hard to see but here is the first layer that has just been taped onto the inner barrel. Just wrap the paper around super tight and then secure with more tape. Repeat this process over and over until it matches the same diameter of the original plastic barrel spacer. Then cut off any excess. Remember the far end of the outer barrel has a smaller diameter. You may have to remove a layer of paper or so to allow the barrel to fit in snug but still removable.

If you have to use excessive force to insert your barrel and hop there is too much paper. This can push the inner barrel into your hop unit and cause hop rubber damage! So be gentle.

I then finished off the barrel spacer using insulation tape. I could add as much or as little as I wanted to match the tapering of the outer barrel precisely (easier to do with insulation tape once you get to a certain point, it saves you cutting off so much paper).

Here is the final result!

The photo bellow shows the insulation tape tapering towards the far end of the inner barrel.

With everything put back together and with a shiny new 3-9x56 scope (available in store, looking to make my own large sun shade though), this is what we have so far:

So far I am debating if to go with a bipod or not. I have rarely used them in the past but when I have used them I always got a cracking shot from using one. It looks cleaner with the bipod off, I can use a sling properly but I do love the look of a Harris style bipod on any Sniper Rifle.

The FPS has also dropped considerably down to 460fps. I think this is due to using a thin L96 spring. I will be experimenting with a new VSR M150 and maybe an M140 in the next week or so.

Coming next though Is some actual shooting! (once fps is sorted). Fingers crossed this will be in a game in the next couple of weeks to test the current hop out and the inner barrel.

Following that will be a bit of ghillie treatment and possibly the TDC hop mod. From initial testing with the new MAD BULL rubber a TDC hop mod may not be needed, but I won't know for sure until I get out in the field and try a few 100m shots.

The zero trigger upgrade is also debatable as right now the gun is very easy to use as is and also very quiet.

Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂

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