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Staff Feature Friday – Wee Man

Hello there, it's been a while since we last showed you how we Airsoft. Well, today we're bringing you something completely different! Today we'd like to introduce to your Wee Man, properly known as Kyle (but we will stick to his nickname for now).

What is Wee Man?

A compact human, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in kindness and a range of interesting hobbies. One of which, re-enactment. Working full time in stock handling, Kyle spends many a weekend running with his decommissioned fire-arms within his 82nd Airborne 505th regiment.















More rarely you can find him on the battlefield in a variety of military accurate load-outs, but he's probably best known for his Airborne get-up.

The Clothing

Wee Man knows more than anyone here so we won't waffle on, here is his full kit list with pics to match:















1. M1 Fixed bail helmet with parachute liner A-frames (Original - Dated: Unknown).
2. British made 1/4 inch helmet net (Original).
3. Helmet strap attached atop of helmet via the net (505th method).
4. M-1937 OD wool flannel enlisted man's shirt (Repro).
5. M-42 Jumpsuit, Jacket & Pants (Reinforced) (Repro).
6. Private First Class (PFC) chevrons stripes (Repro).
7. 82nd Airborne SSI Patch (Repro).
8. 48 star US arm flag (Repro).
9. OD7 Green leg ties.
10. Corcoran jump boots (Original - Same Company making these 1940s boots today).


1. Airborne First Aid Packet (Repro).
2. Mk 2 grenade (Original Training grenade - Dated: Unknown)
3. M-1936 Field 'Musette' pack (Original - Dated: 1943).
4. M1 30.06 Ammo Bandolier x2 (Repro).
5. M-1936 Suspenders (Original - Dated: 1942).















6. M-1936 Pistol Belt (Original - Dated: 1943).
7. M-1942 First Aid Packet, Carlisle tin (Original- Dated: 1942).
8. Tie Up rigger pouches (Repro).
9. M1 10" Bayonet (Original - Dated: Unknown).
10. M-1910 E-tool Shovel (Dated:1944) and cover (Dated:1943) (Original).
11. Canteen, Cup & M-1910 Cover (Original - Dated: 1945).


For those Airsoft days, it's rare you're going to ever see him with a decked out modern AR rifle and this clothing. His current pride and joy (Airsoft wise) would be his S&T - M1903A1 Springfield.

To find more photos of Kyle's load-out and our other staff feature Friday photos, you can find them here on our Instagram account.

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