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It has been well over 16 months since my last serious full day of Airsoft due to a lot of work and very little time to play, but now the Airsoft bug is starting to get back into me.

After watching countless Airsoft videos on YouTube recently and stocking some tasty RIFS in store.... I want to go back out into the field for a full day. A recent game indoor at HALO MILL brought the adrenaline back into my system, something Airsoft hasn't given me for a while.

So... first thing I needed was a new gun after selling off all my old kit, back to the M4 platform. Why? Because an empty shell came up cheap and as ever I fancied a project. Easy to work on (so I originally thought...), parts readily available and something I find most comfortable to use.

So the M4, This has been "chopped" a little since original purchase. The outer barrel has been shortened, pistol grip smoothed and more that is listed below.


Over the course of the next couple of weeks there will be several blogs showing what I am doing to this gun. The list includes:

# Stippling the pistol grip
# SYSTEMA cheek pad foam on the stock
# R-HOP (let the mental strain commence...)
# Short stroking
# Fine tuning

So what's happened so far? At the moment a complete, new, £40 CYMA gearbox bought in store has been dropped in with either 7mm or 8mm solid bushings just to get the gun working. Expect a blog next week on having this case apart and "played with".

The outer barrel has been chopped to submerge the suppressor into the RIS by an in store customer and friend.


An ASG crane stock has been fitted. The buffer tube will be polished to a near mirror finish


An old polymer TM lower was used to house everything as the old metal lower wouldn't accept the CYMA gearbox. I prefer the Polymer to be honest, I want this RIF to be lightweight for faster target acquisition.


So what's coming next?

# Filing of mag release catch to work smoother
# Grub screw in trigger to allow finer trigger pull
# Shimming and swiss cheesing of the piston!

Expect a blog update on what happens next to be up by the weekend. There are some hard bits of work coming, the swiss cheesing and short stroking will be a long blog where I cover in detail the pro's and cons to the setups.

Hope you have enjoyed the intro blog, expect some development screenshots and videos by the end of the week.

- Karl

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