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Summer is here – Go ghillie up!

With the weather getting better and the woodlands become more and more overgrown with fern and bushes to hide in to ambush the enemy... Why not blend in with your surroundings properly to take the enemy out with badass ninja skills.

We have a range of Ghillie in store and soon to be further expanded online. One of our most recent additions is the Kombat UK Ghillie which covers your back, arms and also includes a detachable Velcro and press stood hood.

Most Ghillie suits are pre fabricated with layers of fibre such as hessian. However the Kombat UK Ghillie system is a gown type design with a plentiful amount of elastic loops. The amount of elastic loops is more than enough to allow for a range of vegetation to be thoroughly applied all over your body, providing excellent concealment during a prone or crouched position.

We highly recommend this suit for woodland use all year round. Vegetation is easily attachable and removable by hand allowing quick and easy storage after a hard days Airsoft game.

Below are a few picture of the suit being modelled to give you a look at the quality, loops and how it drapes whilst you are stood still. Please note the suit has been worn by a <6ft airsofter and a 6ft5 Airsoft sniper and both found the suit comfortable and a must have purchase at only £36.99!!!

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