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Pre-Order! – VORSK Agency VX-9

UPDATE! The special editions have all sold out, we have just received delivery of the goods and are being processed and deliveries will commence as of the 8th of June. Due to the high demand we are now waiting for a second production run from VORSK, this may be quite a wait due to the current global situation. HOWEVER! We have produced a bundle deal on the standard editions where you can buy two and save £40. Check out the bundle deals by scrolling down on the product page.

Check out the standard edition of the VORSK - VX-9 GBB Pistol here.

Today we are bringing you the latest news and pre-order ability of the latest release from VORSK, the Agency VX-9!

We expect the VX-9 to be shipping to your door from the 8th of June, you will have three variant options available to you. Choose between Chrome or Black, each pistol comes with a unique suppressor and stunning accented details all over the pistol. The third variant option is a special edition box set that includes two VX-9's in one box alongside 2x standard and 2x extended magazines.

Lets expand on the questions everyone wants answering, first of all the magazines. As already mentioned the special edition models come with 4 magazines in total (as you have 2 pistols), two of these magazines are extended 50rnd capacity. This pistol is compatible with Tokyo Marui and RAVEN MEU 1911 Gas and CO2 powered magazines.

Straight out of the box we have reports from the developers that you can expect 330fps roughly using NUPROL 2.0 Green gas. The suppressor also features an inner barrel extensions which will further improve your pistols accuracy and range plus a little FPS boost at the same time. You can also dismantle the suppressor/inner barrel extension unit so you can put your own foam inside there too! VORSK also plan on releasing their own dedicated foam filled suppressors at some point in the future, right now we have no date on those.

As with most VORSK pistols, the internals are Tokyo Marui compatible, however it cannot be guaranteed every upgrade part is 100% compatible without minor modifications. We always advise you shoot your Airsoft guns over 2 to 3 games to let them bed in, before you start chasing a couple of foot in extra range with upgrades.

Both pistols also have removable real wood grips, a potential special assassin option could be to replace them with integrated laser grips...

So, if you like what you see you can pre-order right now through our website here.

MARUI Night – Unbelievable Winner!

If you missed all the hype, we had our monthly late-night Thursday held on the 5th of March where you could have walked away with a brand new £424.99 Tokyo Marui - M4A1 SOCOM Carbine Next Gen Recoil AEG. Well, one lucky lad went and won it and we couldn't believe the results from the evening!

As with every late-night Thursday, we're still open from 9:30am but we close at 9pm. We do these events typically the first Thursday of every month. We always advertise what theme we're running with, the dates and also what competitions we will be running. The 5th of March saw you potentially walking away with one of the most prestigious rifles on the market.

The mission was to hit two targets, with only two shots. If you missed the first target, you were out! If you managed to hit both targets, your name and number were recorded and your name was put onto our scoreboard. At 8:30pm we then put every winning name into a hat and picked out one random number relevant to the order in which we had stuck your name on the board.

The number of girlfriends and partners who refused to enter, but then ended up actually hitting both targets was incredible! The number of boyfriends who were envious they couldn't hit both targets was humorous. However, we had to pick only one winner and that happened to be an 8-year-old!

He managed to hit both targets, but as per our terms and conditions, a responsible adult had to claim the goods. That just happened to be his uncle. His uncle entered the competition and didn't even hit a single target! So we think we all know how lucky he was... let's hope he treats his nephew to something extra special. Check out the video below re-capping exactly what happened on the night:

Be sure to keep an eye on our blogs and social media channels for our next late night Thursday. We know it's going to be held on the 2nd of April, but stay tuned for what you could be winning on the evening.

Staff Feature Friday – Gary

It's been a while since we did one of these and today we're bringing you someone rather new. An international member of staff known as Gary from the Czech Republic has been working within our product testing department and now recently changed to a new role joining the team of people who two-tone your orders! Gary has been at Patrol Base now for 7 months.

Gary has been playing Airsoft well before he moved to the UK, for the last 2 years actually.

His playstyle is reserved but when the time comes, he isn't scared to run into action and he most definitely likes to invest in reliable yet practical gear and guns to suit. Let's kick off with what he wears followed up by his favourite Airsoft RIF's.

As a more fast-paced player, Gary has opted for as much cover-up as possible. It's not to protect his future modelling career... it's just a personal thing.

From the head down Gary's loadout is as follows:

  • MIL-TEC Tactical Balaclava - Mandrea Night Pattern
  • DYE - I4 Mask
  • EMERSON GEAR - Tactical Shirt - Typhon Pattern
  • 8Fields Tactical - Ultimate Operator Plate Carrier - Black
  • Viper Tactical - Elite Gloves - Black
  • Pentagon KOMVOS - 1.5" Single Belt - Black
  • Viper Tactical - Contractor Pants - Black
  • NUPROL - EU G-Series Retention Paddle Holster - Black
  • HAIX - Black Eagle Atletic 2.1 GTX Mid Boots - Black

This isn't Gary's only loadout, he is more of a CQB player but is spotted at HALO MILL - Proving Grounds site occasionally with a more well-suited woodland loadout.

Now onto the fun stuff, the Airsoft guns and more! Gary's primary is the SPECNA ARMS - Edge E12 with a pre-installed GATE Titan MOSFET.

The rifle has been modified inside out which includes the following:

  • Sector gear short stroked by 2 teeth
  • Handguard modified to suit the tracer nicer
  • MADBULLL - Black Python Ver.II 6.03 Tightbore Inner Barrel
  • NUPROL - M4 A.X.E. Stock
  • NUPROL - 11.1v LiPo Battery
  • Acetech - AT1000 Tracer Unit
  • Viper Tactical - Moderator Cover
  • TMC - Padded 2 to 1 Point QD Sling
  • VORTEX - Crossfire Red Dot Sight

Once again just like many of our staff and customers, Gary has opted for a VORTEX optic which offers him lifetime warranty and free replacement if it is to every become accidentally damaged. This includes being shot out on the field by fellow Airsofters.

Alongside the primary, Gary runs a Pistol and grenade at all times for those perfect situations where room clearance and backup options are necessary.

His chosen pistol backup is the G-Series G18 GBB Pistol. Tucked away nicely in the reliable NUPROL - G-Series Paddle Holster he also keeps his impact grenade close by. The Dynatex grenade is a timed delay device that uses blanks for an impressive loud room clearance.

Just like his primary, the pistol didn't escape untouched either. Tastefully modified the pistol has received a brand new Maple Leave WE Glock Uop Unit Set and Maple Leaf Monster Hop Up Rubber for WE Pistols.

If you want to see more of Gary's feature today, check out our Feature Friday updates over on our Instagram account. You can find the previous feature Friday posts pinned in our albums on there too!

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