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Lancer Tactical Late Night Thursday @ Patrolbase 09/01/20

Lancer Tactical Late Night Thursday Airsoft

It's the start of a new decade, and we're kicking it off with 2020 vision. This one is going to be a biggie, this time we're going to be having a Lancer Tactical night! Come get some hands on experience with the latest Airsoft replicas to come out of the US, with a wide selection of M4 and kit to make any Airsoft player's mouth drool.

We'll be having everything you've come to expect from a Late Night Thursday, we're open until 9PM, and we're giving away free stickers, running give-aways and much more! So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself down and check it out!

Some of you might have noticed that we're doing this one a little later than usual, but we thought that everyone might want some time off after the new years festivities to rest and sober up.

Need to stay in the loop?

Don't want to forget the event? Sign up to our event on Facebook to receive notifications on whats happening so you don't miss your chance to get your hands on a great set of prizes:

Lancer Tactical Late Night Thursday at Patrol Base

Whats on?

Win a gun by shooting with your eyes closed

This one's going to be interesting, we're going to blind fold you on our range and have you shoot at a target. We'll probably be standing outside just in case, but your task will be to put on a blindfold then take a shot at the target we'll place at the end of the range. Manage to hit the target and you'll be put into a draw to win yourself a new gun! Can't say fairer than that.

We'll supply the gun, blindfolds, and ammo, all you have to do is turn up on the day and have a go.

If you're worried about hygiene, no problems, we'll be using disposable face masks just in case!

Check out everything Lancer Tactical has to offer!

We'll be re-laying out the back wall of the store, dedicating it all to lancer tactical. Come get some hands on experience with the latest lancer tactical guns and have a go with them on the range, you won't be disappointed.

Will Lancer Tactical be the biggest breakout brand of 2020? Only time will tell.


Grab yourself an exclusive Lancer Tactical sticker

Each event has its own unique sticker, and this event is no different, this time the sticker is a bit more.. thicc! Collect them to get entered into upcoming Late Night Thursday Competitions.

This is definitely a sticker you'll wanting to be hiding from your GF / Mum!

This event you'll bag yourself the Lancer Tactical sticker, great for sticking on the gun case that holds the brand new Gun you just won in the competition 😉

Get Expert Help

Need some help with your gun, or just need some advise to point you in the right direction? Our staff will all be here and ready to rock and roll with plenty of advice, tips, and tricks to get you into the game.

Whether you're a seasoned Airsoft vet, or a complete newbie, no question is too big, small, or stupid. If you've got a question chances are we've heard it before and we know the answer!

Terms & Conditions

  • Anyone can take part but you must be 18+ to win.
  • If your name is pulled out at the end of the night and you are under 18 you can pick an over 18 to receive the gun on your behalf.
  • You do not need a UKARA to win, if you do not have an Airsoft Defence we will Two Tone your replica free of charge.

Where is Patrol Base?

We have a well stocked Airsoft shop right here in the UK! If you've ever fancied getting your hands on a replica before you buy then now is your chance. There is even free off-road parking available!

You can visit us in person at the following address:

Patrol Base Ltd.
Unit 5 Dale Street Mills,
Dale Street,
Open in Google Maps >

So there it is! What are you getting up to on Thursday 9th of January?

We already know: You'll be visiting us for Late Night Thursday for a chance to win a lancer tactical gun, and get your hands on our new sticker designed to give you warm fuzzy feelings inside.

Airsoft Ranch pays us a visit!

Airsoft Ranch who? For those who may not have seen the name floating on social media yet or even come across their website, Airsoft Ranch is a relatively new team of 10 people dedicated to site reviews, informational guides and a WIKI source for all things Airsoft in the UK.

Airsoft Ranch is only 11 months old and soon celebrating their 1st year of internet birth! The Ranch Team consists of a mixed bag of active Airsofters who can often be seen at Hardline Airsoft, Invasion Airsoft and Wolfgang when not touring the country trying out new locations.

We recently had a visit from three of the guys who took advantage of spending a full day checking out everything we had to offer and also partnered up with ourselves to produce their first YouTube video featuring the hugely popular Army Armament - Taran Tactical JW3 GBB Pistol.

Along with being film stars for the day, we also snapped a few photos of two of the players to show you what they run and gun with. We will be posting a Feature Friday blog dedicated to two of their members next week on the 22nd of November.

So let's get to it, Airsoft Ranch take it away with your review of the Army Armament - Taran Tactical JW3 GBB Pistol:

As mentioned in the video, they have produced a full write up a review of the pistol which can be found here on their official website.

If you like what you have seen in the video and Airsoft Ranch's official blog review and fancy your own JW3 pistol, then check it out here.

If you also fancy working with ourselves on any future news, video content and more then drop us an email to karl@patrolbase.co.uk


Back To Basics Video Guides

We've decided to introduce a new video series, we're going back to basics and showing the newcomers to Arisofters (and those who thought they knew everything) the must-know basics. We're going to cover topics including how to connect your batteries to your Airsoft guns, the different types of Airsoft gas, explanation of power limits and more!

We've so far published two videos, the first was about battery connection types and safe use.

Our more recent video is presenting the difference between the many Airsoft gasses available on the market, and what may be the right choice for you.

We are uploading this series of videos to our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV channels. Be sure to subscribe to all so you don't miss out on the updates, and see if you really did know everything there was to know about Airsoft.

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