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New Player Night Thursday @ Patrol Base 7/11/19

Bonfire night is over, but what now is the avid Airsofter to do? That's right, rangle all of your friends together and head on down to happy ol' Patrol Base where you can grab yourself some free stuff just for turning up! Bring enough of your friends down to get your hands on Game vouchers and BBs, with great offers on starter bundles and two tones that you don't want to miss out on.

We hope this is going to be a great way for you to get your friends into Airsoft, and if they've never played before bring them down so they can get a feel for the game!

Oh, and by the way, any two tone service ordered in store on Thursday will be free!

"But what is Late Night Thursday?" we hear you ask, and it's simple: The first Thursday of every month we're running a special event where we stay open until 9pm and invite visitors, run competitions, and generally have a good time.

Every Late Night Thursday is different, so make sure you pop down and say hi! Dont forget, that every time you visit you'll get yourself a sticker unique to the event, and every few months we'll be running a competition for people who collect all 3 from that period.

Need to stay in the loop?

Don't want to forget the event? Sign up to our event on Facebook to receive notifications on whats happening so you don't miss your chance to get your hands on one of the biggest prizes we've ever given away:

New Player Late Night Thursday Event

Whats on?

Bring friends for free gifts!

For every friend you bring you'll get yourself a better reward*! Depending on your group size you will receive a different reward ranging from BBs to Full Game days at our local game sites: Halo Mill and our outdoor site Halo Mill: Proving Grounds!

Each member of your group will get the reward, bring 1 friend and you'll both get a bottle of BBs, so bring 4 friends and you'll all get a free game day!

Reward Tiers
You + 1 Friend Bottle of BBs
You + 2 Friends Halo Mill Skirmish Voucher
You + 3 Friends Bottle of BB + Halo Mill Skirmish Voucher
You + 4 Friends Game Day @ Halo Mill: Proving Grounds

*Each visitor will be allowed to win one prize tier only. Prizes will be awarded to set groups, and no visitor can be in more than one group.

Free Airsoft Two-Tone!

Any Airsoft guns booked in for a Two Tone during the New Player Event will be given their Two-Tone for free*!

If you've always wanted to get into Airsoft but didn't want to pay for the two-tone service well now is your chance to get the Two Tone done!

We'll two-tone any gun or Airsoft replica in store in either Blue, Red or Green, it's your choice!

* Limited to 1 Per Customer

In Store Exclusive Discount Bundles

On the day we'll be setting up some exclusive bundles for you to sink your teeth into. If you're a new player we'll have a selection of beginner bundles designed to get you ready and playing right away!

We've organised some in store exclusive deals so come down and get your hands on some awesome deals!

Free PB Patch & Sticker!

Come visit us and get your hands on our fancy rubber patch, as well as a unique late night thursday sticker to commemorate the occasion.

Collect the unique stickers to be entered into our big competition!

* Limited to 1 Patch and 1 Sticker Per Customer

Expert Advice

Come down and chat with our Expert Staff! No question too big or too small on this day! Don't be worried your questions are silly, if you're new no question is silly, and we're here to help!

Try guns on our range!

Not shot an Airsoft gun before, or want to try before you buy? No worries! We've got a custom built range with a digital shooting system so you can really put our kit to the test.

Where is Patrol Base?

We have a well stocked Airsoft shop right here in the UK! If you've ever fancied getting your hands on a replica before you buy then now is your chance. There is even free off-road parking available!

You can visit us in person at the following address:

Patrol Base Ltd.
Unit 5 Dale Street Mills,
Dale Street,
Open in Google Maps >

So, what's stopping you? Come down with your friends and get free stuff! If you've got a friend that's always wanted to start then bring them down, we're sure they'll love it!

See you Thursday!

Hottest Airsoft M4 for new Players in 2019

You may or may not be aware, but here at Patrol Base at the bottom right of every page there is the TokyWoky chat box where customers can interact with one another. You'll regularly see our staff and customers answering questions related to products, but one of the most common things which gets asked: What gun is the best for a beginner? This changes all the time, though there are some pretty staple ones, as newer ones come out all the time. We've put together this blog post to show off what we recommend at the moment as the best beginner M4 rifles for Airsoft skirmishers. We'll talk about what are the best M4 to get your hands on at the moment, for £150 or lower which are more than good enough to get you into your first skirmish. You can check them all out below!




£114.99 - £124.99

Brand new from SPECNA ARMS these rifles re-define the beginner Airsoft replica, with fantastic bodies and a great selection these rifles really look the part. Not only do they come in at a great price they also feature some advanced features such as a quick change spring system for ease of use, as well as coming with additional attachments in the box to get you going. In our opinion, these are the best option for a beginner player in 2019.

All the rifles are branded and based upon designed by Rock River Arms, a real steel manufacturing company, with each rifle featuring their unique logo and trademarks for added realism.




A 6mm electric powered Airsoft gun based off the M4 platform famous the world over for its success and deployment with countless forces in multiple conflict zones. Comes with rail covers, a foregrip, and even flip up ironsights! The rifle is available in black and tan.




Based on the M4 / AR platform this rifle has been based off of the Stubby / Tanker compact M4 which were originally designed for use in vehicles and for concealed carry. This rifle has been lovingly crafted by Specna Arms to the highest quality, from top quality materials.




An Airsoft electric powered 6mm M4 based replica, with an Alloy 20mm RIS handguard, rear wired crane stock, flip up iron sights and an integrated suppressor as standard. Available in Black and Tan and comes with a mock suppressor for a more unique look.




A brand new rifle built by Specna Arms as part of their CORE range of beginner rifles. With a KeyMod handguard and high quality build this rifle is the ideal starter weapon and has everything players new any old need in a rifle.



NUPROL DELTA Pioneer Range

£119.99 - £139.99

Full poylmer rifles with a high quality gearbox inside! These rifles do a great job of looking the part and being wobble free. The rifles themselves are simply polymer versions of their full metal conterparts, having all the features of a high end Airsoft replica, including plenty of rail space for customisation!




A new electric 6mm airsoft rifle made by Nuprol as a budget entry level RIF but without compromising on quality. Constructed from polymer this weapon is light weight but tough enough to handle the rigors of an airsoft skirmish, available in both Black and Tan variants.




An electric powered M4 based Airsoft replica, which is constructed mainly from Polymer to offer a lightweight and maneuverable platform which packs a punch. Available in standard Black and Tan, as well as a more modern operator Grey.



CYMA CM.5xx Series

£114.99 - £124.99

As the cheapest rifles in this article, these are great introductory rifles into the Airsoft world, the CM.5xx series of M4 / AR feature a fully polymer body to reduce costs, but still come with the standard CYMA V2 full metal gearbox, making them a great introductory rifle for those who are on a budget. The performance of a high end CYMA, with a body you aren't afraid to scuff.

It's still worth noting these guns usually come with a free battery and charger, though we recommend replacing free gift batteries and chargers immediately!




Custom external components come together to create one unique looking piece. Featuring a highly customisable top rail, which in total is 21'' in length.




The gun features many useful parts, when compared to the Standard M4A1
Platform, such as a Four Point RIS Rail Handguard, Suppressor and Flip-Up Iron Sights.

CM.507 AR-15



A more traditionally styled M4A1 electric powered replica, aimed towards beginners, that features a sliding stock and a four-point RIS handguard for grips, lasers and torches.




Great starter kit or for any one who is interested in back yard target shooting. The weapon is constructed almost entirely from Polymer, and features an Alloy Gearbox.



G&G Armament CM16 Combat Machine


Touted as the holy grail of beginner weapons these are the most recommended rifles picked by our customers. You'll have seen them before: they're tried, tested, and proven as rental guns, so if they're good enough to handle the thrashing of a rental player they're sture as hell going to hold up for a normal skirmisher. The rifles have a high quality polymer body, but also have the range and accuracy to compete with some of the higher end Airsoft rifles!




An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the M4 / AR Platform, which is a great entry grade Beginner weapon for those looking to start playing Airsoft, or even simply Backyard Plinking. Available in both Black and Tan, its the perfect gun for any beginner.




The longer version of the CM16 Raider, its an incredibly light weight and reliable Airsoft RIF. An excellent beginner Airsoft weapon but also very favourable by experienced Airsofters due to its out of the box performance being so good in a low price bracket.



Common Questions

Do they come with a battery and charger?

Do beginner guns come with a battery and charger, or do I have to buy them seperate??

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey! Some guns come with a battery and charger, and some do not. For more information please refer to the 'Package Includes' section, which is found at the bottom of the description as well as in the Product Specifications tab. We do however recommend that you replace the battery and charger immediately, as they are typically of low quality. You'll want an auto-stop charger and a high capacity battery for best performance. You can read a blog article on the subject which I wrote, and I will link it below. Hope this helps 🙂

Why are polymer gun cheaper?

Yo, why are polymer guns cheaper, do they break easy or something?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey! You'll usually find that Polymer guns are cheaper, but don't let that put you off. Polymer guns are just designed to be cheaper by not having to cast the parts in metal, reducing the overall cost. They still perform just as well as a metal good, and they still look the part at a distance. You'll find with some ranges that the metal and plastic guns feature exactly the same internals, they're just a cheaper alternative of the same thing. Hope this helps 🙂

Which mags do I need?


PatrolBase Jonny
Hey! For an M4 any STANAG style magazine should fit. The industries been pretty good with M4 mags, and most mags are cross brand compatible. You can find our full range of STANAG / M4 mags in their own category which I will link below. Hope this helps 🙂

What attachments can I use?

Hey guys, what attachments can I use on my m4?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey! The first thing you'll want to do is identify what attachment points your rifle has. This can be found in the Specifications section on your weapon's page. Once you've identified it you can pick a section on the website then filter by that connector type. Most rifles use 20mm RIS / RAS for sights and scopes, but the handguard varies, and could be 20mm / MLOK / KeyMod. The most common type of rail is 20mm RIS / RAS, so there are plenty of attachments available 🙂 Hope this helps 🙂

Christmas Two Tones: Order early!

TL;DR Version: We recommend that the latest you place a Two-Tone Service to arrive for Christmas is: Monday 17th December 2018 to guarantee delivery.

It's coming to that time of year again: when footsteps old and young gleefully slam down the stairs at times only reserved for night shift workers, to try and get a sneak a peek at their long-awaited Christmas presents and gifts! But this story does not have a happy ending, as unfortunately little Timmy's targets will go un-peppered this Christmas. Though try as they may little Timmy's parents attempted to order their little angels Christmas present the day before, not leaving enough time for their Airsoft Two-Tone service to be complete. Though a sad state of affairs, there was nothing that could be done, and the only thing which was saved was the family hoover, which did not have to pick up all the BBs.

We've seen this before, and we have managed to save the day, but it can be a bit touch and go whether courier can actually deliver on time due to the busy festive period (Sometimes delivery times can be increased). On the ramp up to Christmas we get asked this question a lot, so we've put together this blog post to keep you on the loop, and try and avoid any problems this Christmas!

Don't leave it too late to order your BB Gun or Airsoft Weapon!

As always, keep an eye on social media, we'll usually announce via our Facebook Page if there are going to be any delays.

When is the last time I can order a Two-Tone Service?

We would recommend that the latest you place a Two-Tone Service to arrive for Christmas is: Monday 19th December 2018. You will still be able to place an order for a Two Tone after that date, but we cannot guarantee that our courier service will be able to deliver them on time after this date. We've had it before where some next day parcels have taken an extra day or two because of the festive period, so we suggest you plan for an extra few days should something happen!

As always, keep an eye on social media, we'll usually announce via our Facebook Page if there are going to be any delays.

When should I order my Two-Tone service by?

The earlier the better! A number of things can affect the delivery of a Two-Toned order, so the sooner your order the less chance you have of disappointment. We suggest that you order realistically a week in advance of our deadline, and order around the 12th of December.

If you already know what you're going to be buying, that's perfect, we would suggest ordering as soon as you possibly can to avoid the weapon going out of stock before you get chance to order it. Some delivery take a while to come from our suppliers, which is only hindered by the festive period, and some we've literally bought out all of our suppliers stock, and there won't be any until the new year!

If you're ordering a two-tone service for a gift, and absolutely must have the product for Christmas, we would suggest allowing for an absolute worst-case scenario of 8 days delivery (5 days for the paint service, and 3 days delivery).

As always, keep an eye on social media, we'll usually announce via our Facebook Page if there are going to be any delays.

Why can it take longer for Two-Tone service over Christmas?

There are a number of reasons why it can take longer to complete and deliver a Two-Tone Service over Christmas, and below are some of the things which can slow the process down! Though hopefully rare, we just want to make you aware so you can plan when to order.

As always, keep an eye on social media, we'll usually announce via our Facebook Page if there are going to be any delays.

Volume of Orders

Though we say a Two-Tone service can take between 1-5 working days, we usually have them done very quickly, but this can obviously vary based on the number of orders we receive. We typically complete our two-tone services in the order we received them, so the earlier you get in, the earlier it gets done.

It's worth bearing in mind that the completion of a Two Tone service means: Testing the weapon, then stripping down the weapon into its component parts, painting the parts, waiting for the parts to dry, rebuilding the weapon, testing the weapon, and then sending it out for shipping. This is quite a lengthy process! So the more weapons we have to do, the longer, unfortunately, it's going to take.

We do have up to 5 dedicated people two-toning weapons, but over the heavy Christmas due to the volumes there can be delayed, though don't worry we've planned for it this shouldn't be a problem!


Cold weather and snow: the simple words which strike fear into any couriers hearts. We all know, the smallest bit of snow on the ground and couriers lose their minds. It's best to plan for such an eventuality because it's something we cannot control, and unfortunately as hard as we try we can't really blame mother nature. The earlier you order, the better your chances are of receiving your weapon, simply because if it snows then parcels can be delayed by days. If it does look like it's going to snow please try to order a week earlier to avoid disappointment!

Cold weather can also affect the curing speed of spray paint, which will increase the processing time of the two-tone service. As long as you always plan in the maximum 5 days to complete the service it should not be a problem. We've also started heating our spray booths to try to counter the cold problem, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem!

Volume of Delivery

This is more of a problem that can be caused by couriers than ourselves, we'll be able to get all orders out the door, but the closer it gets to Christmas the higher the chances there are for delivery to be delayed by our couriers. Even the biggies like Amazon can sometimes have problems with this, so try and order as early as possible.

How long does a two-tone service take?

How long does a two-tone service usually take?

PatrolBase Jonny
A Two-Tone service usually takes between 1-5 working days, this includes stripping, painting, rebuilding and testing the weapon. Usually, we have a quick turn around time, but try to make sure you plan that it could take up to 5 days depending on conditions at the time. Hope this helps 🙂

If it snows will my parcel be delayed?

It's looking like a white Christmas, will my parcel be delayed??

PatrolBase Jonny
Usually, when it snows you'll find that parcels are delayed. It mostly comes down to conditions on the major motorways which connect the courier's parcel services. If there are huge delays on the motorway, you can usually guarantee that postage times will increase. Your best bet is to check our Facebook Page and check if there have been any announcements relating to delivery time. Hope this helps 🙂

Will you deliver Christmas eve?

Is my parcel going to be delivered Christmas eve?

PatrolBase Jonny
This year Christmas Eve falls on a Monday, so couriers should still be operating. Please be aware though, that due to the volume of parcels there could be a delay in delivery times. Your best bet is to get in touch with customer services on 01484 644709 and request a tracking number. Hope this helps 🙂

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