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FMA Weapon Link Video

Another video?

Correct! We just can't stop giving.

Another new video is up on our YouTube channel. This time featuring the new £19.99 FMA Weapon Link Retention Mount systems.

Want your own? Check the links below:
Black MOLLE fitting: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/…/fma-weapon-link-retention-mou…


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Store Updates Prt.1

Let the summer tidy up begin!

We are doing a seriously big tidy up in store and so far we have a few walls re-organised, stock labelled and new layouts for your viewing pleasure. We are going to bring you updates on this weekly. The first and major updates has been done the second you walk in.


Now you can see a whole array of patches to choose from the second you walk in. We have orgasnised them by colour and manufacturer. You are welcome to come with your own RIG/Vest and try them on for size too.

Stay tuned for more updates coming very soon!

MASS – New Goodies

More Deliveries!
Just whilst I have been writing up this blog, we have just received anther load of boxes containing new and old product... It never ends!

Anyways, lefts get back on topic. Today's Blog is focusing on last weeks delivery, we have been working hard on getting the new content online but we still have a way to go. But you can start to see some of the new shinies for your self by checking our the "New Products Page" by "Clicking Here".

We have everything from new Gear to Guns and Tactical Accessories. Check out the photo below and "Click Here" to read up all the new product descriptions and photos.


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