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2 New Videos

Today we are spoiling you!

We have been busy recently getting ourselves well set up to bring you plenty of new Video Content. You can "Subscribe to our YouTube Channel" if you haven't already 😉

Today though we have a 2 part video of the recently stocked ASG - CZ 805 BREN. We have four variants of this in stock, you need to grab them whilst you can as they are selling fast:
# ASG - CZ 805 BREN A1 - Black
# ASG - CZ 805 BREn A1 - Tan
# ASG - CZ 805 BREN A2 - Black
# ASG - CZ 805 BREn A2 - Tan

An excellent new RIF that has some tasty internals that can all be checked out below.

Out first part video shows the main external disassembly (click the image below to be directed):

Our 2nd part video shows the gearbox being stripped to show off some quality bits inside and something we did not expect to see (click the image below to be directed):


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New Build Day

Recently we decided, what can be build in store with a few underselling parts?

Why are they underselling? Well, we have now added more photos, better product descriptions so you can get a better "picture" of what you will receive once ordering.

The result? This monster! Click the image or "Click Here" for a link to the full detailed shoot.

The project consisted of:


Big Dragon MK23 Style Suppressor Long 185mm x 35mm - Black

WE Europe WeCon RU RDS Reflex - Black

CAA M4 CQB Full Metal - Black

MAD BULL ACE Skeleton Large Stock - Black

Hakkotsu STANAG M4/15/16 U-Mag 150rnd Hi-Cap Magazine - Black


Customise Your Gun

Danny (one of our newest employees) has gone all out recently on his Krytac with a little with Krylon spray paint and some internal upgrades. Everything pictured has been purchased from our store too.


Want your own Krytac today? Click the link below:


As for Krylon, take your pick below too:


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