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Stu’s On Tour!

It's not his first rodeo, expect guns, guns and more guns!

One of our in-house photographer, manager of HALO MILL - Proving Grounds and world explorer is heading off to America as of tomorrow!

It's not the first time Stuart has ventured over the pond, but this time he's going to be showing off his activities on our Instagram page. Not following us already? Then be sure to do so now so you don't miss out on US Airsoft and real steel shooting! Click here to find our Instagram page.

Stuart will also be heading out to Operation Bone Strike II this Saturday the 14th of September in Mississippi for a weekend operation! We can't wait for him to get back already to bring a load of footage and pro-photos from the weekend and other events he will be calling in at.

So, to keep on top of his adventures, keep an eye on the Instagram page here.

Cannae Pro Gear

Here at Patrol Base we've just got in products from our latest supplier, Cannae Pro Gear. Cannae Pro Gear specialise in producing some of the highest quality tactical gear found on the market today, with all of their products being built by shooters, for shooters. Cannae Pro Gear comes from the US, specialising in Real Steel shooting gear, made for both the Shooting Range, and Combat use, making it super durable and high quality. If its good enough for real combat, its got to be good for Airsoft too.

Cannae sport a range of highly adaptable Clothing, designed for both everyday wear and range days, as well as a selection of top quality Bags and Weapon Carry systems all designed to be adaptable in every situation.

Cannae got their name from a great historical battle,  where in 216 BC, near the ancient Roman village of Cannae, the legendary Hannibal Barca, leading a vastly outnumbered Carthaginian army, virtually wiped out the entire Roman military. By shrewdly drawing in the Roman soldiers, Hannibal’s men completely surrounded and nearly annihilated the much larger Roman force. Historians consider “The Battle of Cannae” one of the most brilliant military victories ever. Cannae try to embody this in their products, to embody victory, as well as a combination of Preparation, Intelligence, Strength and Bravery.

You don't have to take our word on how good this kit is, Cannae also have many high profile Ambassador, from many different specialisations.

Doug Marcadia

Edge Weapon Specialist Doug Marcadia is the founder of Marcaida Kali, and is judge on the History Channel's Forged in Fire.

An Air Force veteran, Doug is a highly skilled martial artist who has also studied fighting styles and techniques around the world. From hand-to-hand combat to battlefield strategy, Doug is a walking encyclopedia in the evolution of weapons of war.

Not only does he work with Canne to develop unique edge weapon combat apparel, he also wears Cannae gear during his shows and training.

View this post on Instagram

MARTIAL MOMENT WITH MARCAIDA One of the lessons "Look not just see, then look again and then look again. Now what do you see? Now look and see again" This is how I use these videos to continue the thought provoking process of learning with my MK team. I edited some of my footage for a concept of seeing things with new eyes over and over. Meaning, we all do things repetitively, but one thing that can continue the growth in learning is to see things with a.new set of questions to focus on each new time. Like "ok I did this 100 times mindlessly , now I'll watch it again but only focus on...form...next would be on hand placement..next would be on timing..Next would be the different sectors of entry...etc" If you watch the video you will find there is a common entry or drill then each time in will approach the same entry with a variation or added move. Then I would revisit the video and view it with new "eyes" each time and take something new, something thought provoking by watching it with New eyes. Seeing and not just looking. This way what may be old. Is always new again. What may be the same, is always different. The clips you see here are similar but none of the clips are the same. May be the same move but by simply slowing it down or having a different focus when watching it gives me new insights each time. So Look, not just see, then look again and then look again. Now what do you see? Now look and see again. #Marcaidakali #alwaysbeready #511tactical #filipinomartialarts #kali #lookandsee

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Billy Birdzell

Billy served in the USMC as an infantry officer and was a founding member of Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. After earning an MBA from the University of Virginia, Billy has worked in the firearms industry where he has connected people and ideas with innovative solutions in an effort to drive positive change. He is a husband, father, hunter, climber, writer, host, content creator, and dedicated American.

Along with creating the Cannae Academy, Billy test drives all Cannae product to ensure it is up to superior quality. You can watch Billy on his YouTube channel, and follow him on other popular social media sites.

You can check out all our Cannae Gear Range, by looking at our: Cannae Pro UK Product Category.

Woodland Airsoft – 9th Oct

Want to shoot outdoors?


HALO MILL - Proving Grounds next game day is the 9th of October. The site has been running for just over a year and growing in popularity month after month.

Games run once a month and we have several photographers there every game day snapping pics of your in your new gear, guns or just in some truly fabulous poses...

If you haven't seen last months album then "Click Here" to see if you were papped. Be sure to tag @HALO MILL Proving Grounds if you are going to use any photos. Sharing is caring 🙂


If you want to book onto the next game day then "Click Here" to be directed to the official website to secure your spot. You can even pay for multiple people. Just be sure to add their name into the PAYPAL comments section when placing an order.


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