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Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Gas

This latest new player video features Patrol Base Pete and Patrol Base Mike, who are here to discuss one of the most important topics to anyone who owns a Gas powered Airsoft replica: The differences between all the main Airsoft Gas Types. Hopefully this is the information you don't really hear a lot about through regular social media channels like YouTube or Facebook. We're going to be trying to hit the questions which people feel too stupid to ask, but don't worry, there is no such thing as a stupid question in Airsoft: we were all new players once!

In the video we will discuss various types of gas. Although there are many variants of propellant for airsoft guns they all fall under three main categories: Co2, HPA, and the most popular Green Gas and Propane.


If you're thinking about getting yourself a Co2 powered weapon chances are it's going to be powered by a co2 bulb. These are usually inserted into the bottom of the magazine or into the pistol grip and are screwed into the gun until the top of the cartridge is pierced therefore releasing the co2.

Co2 is usually favored during the colder months of the year because it's less affected by temperature, but just bear in mind that if you try and use it in the warmer months of the year it could actually produce more power in the gun than your game site will allow. This is due to the increased gas expansion due to the heat, which will produce more power when fired.

One of the things to look out for when using Co2 bulbs is to make sure that it pierces completely when inserting it into the mag and also make sure you don't over tighten it otherwise you could cause damage to the valve.

Always make sure the bulbs are fully emptied before trying to take it out of the magazine otherwise you'll have yourself a homemade co2 launcher. Since the Bulb Cap / Screw is the only thing holding it in place then the bulb will try to escape any way it can, usually towards you if you're not careful.


Another type of gas is 'HPA' which stands for High Pressure Air. These types of guns are usually powered by a pressurized bottle which is fed into a regulator which controls the amount of air or gas escaping from the bottle in a very consistent manner and then that feeds into the rifle and pushes the BB through the barrel. The release of air is controlled inside the weapon either by a mechanical system, or more popularly via a digital Fire Control Unit which can be programmed to various different modes.

HPA replicas are usually very consistent, and they're less effective if at all by temperature which means you can run it pretty much all year round.

The only disadvantages to HPA is that you might be carrying a big bottle around with you at the same time, the fact they have to be specially filled, and that they can be an expensive outlay. But, if you want performance, and the best kit money can buy, HPA is the way to go, and is sometimes even more consistent than AEG replicas!

Typically as a beginner you probably won't encounter this kind of system unless it's other guys at the field. Generally it's either a gas rifle that's been modified to accept a remote line or an out-of-the-box solution such as a mechanical Tippmann M4 or a digitally controlled PolarStar to name a few

Green Gas

Now for the slightly more complicated topic of Airsoft Green Gas. Whilst Airsoft Green Gas are available in various different varieties they are essentially just Propane with varying amounts of Silicon Lube or other Additives contained in the mixture to vary the potential power output provided. The additives are used to stabilize the gas, to inhibit it from rapid or increased expansion from temperature. Generally the more additives the less powerful the gas is due to the decreased volume of propane, and the less additives the more powerful it becomes.

Green Gas guns typically store the gas in the magazines, and can be easily filled simply by depressing the cans nozzle into the fill valve on the base of the magazine. It's very easy to do and the gas itself is very easy to store as its in a simple metal can with a push to release nozzle. An added bonus of Green Gas Magazines is that they can be topped up at any time, this makes them very easy to use, however, due to the limited gas storage space, and being surrounded by thick metal in the magazine, the gas is easily affected by temperature.

Weaker gas is more affected by lower temperature, with a common gotcha being trying to use weak gas in colder weather rendering them useless, with the inverse also being true, of using too powerful gas in high temperatures and making it too powerful for UK Sites.

Green Gas Types

As it can be quite confusing we've put together a couple of examples just to help guide you through it all. Spoiler alert: 99% of the time you're going to be using NUPROL 2.0 or ASG Ultrair.

In range of power we have the following.

144a Duster Gas / Summer Gas

The lower power gases are most likely to be used with polymer slided pistols like Tokyo Marui pistols and rifles or if you've got a gas gun which is running too hot to be used at your site it can help you bring down the power somewhat.

Standard Green Gas

95% of the time Green Gas is what you're going to be using. We blanket recommend that for pretty much every gas pistol and rifle we sell in-store and on our website. Some guns do require more powerful gas, but we'll usually tell you in the product description or in-store if you pay us a visit.

Low Temperature Red Gas

You've got the red gas which is a little bit more powerful again it's generally used for lower temperatures however it is missing that silicone lubricant component so just bear that in mind. You'll usually be using this gas in winter in larger gas powered replicas. We would recommend avoiding just simply sticking this in a gun to increase its FPS, it will work, but it's like driving your car around everywhere in 2nd gear.

High Powered Black Gass

You can go all the way up to black gas, which is a super power up gas which is most likely to be used in the coldest temperatures or if you've got a gas rifle with a particularly heavy bolt or something like that in there just to help it cycle properly and it's also the most common gas used in competition shooting where power output is less of an issue.

Pure Propane

The most powerful was always going to be pure propane. This is exactly the same stuff that you're using barbecues and portable cookers but with a special adapter to allow you to fill gas magazines via the valve. It's the base of what makes up your standard airsoft Green Gases except it doesn't have any lubricant in it so users need to add their own from the neck of the bottle.

If you are looking at using pure propane in your pistol or rifle then just bear in mind that you're gonna need to spend more time lubricating the internals just pay a bit more attention to that as it does run very dry but that's your trade off for more power and consistency

So there you have it guys that's our beginner's guide to the various gases available for airsoft replicas, remember 99% of you are going to be using standard green gas anyway, but hopefully it's provided you a bit more information and busted some of those myths that may surround the genre.

Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Battery Connectors

The video features Patrol Base Pete, and Patrol Base Mike, and this is the first video in a long series of episodes which are targeted at dealing with issues that pertain to beginners in Airsoft. Hopefully this is the information you don't really hear a lot about through regular social media channels like YouTube or Facebook. We're going to be trying to hit the questions which people feel too stupid to ask, but don't worry, there is no such thing as a stupid question in Airsoft: we were all new players once!

For this episode Pete and Mike will be looking at battery connecters. They'll be covering the four main types of battery connectors that you'll likely come into contact with when using Airsoft electric guns. Some are common, and some are not, but it's good to get a good overview of all types of connectors should you run into them into the field.

They'll be looking into the four main battery connector types used in Airsoft AEG:

  • Mini Tamiya
  • Large Tamiya
  • Deans
  • XT60

Spoilers: 99% of the time if you're buying a new Airsoft gun then you'll be looking at small Tamiya connectors. For example, guns like the Edge Series from Specna Arms come with small Tamiya Connectors. If you've picked something up 2nd hand then the chances are it'll have been upgraded to deans for a lower resistance connection, or if you have a super fancy high speed and over the top custom job you might find yourself with some XT60 connectors. XT60 is the least common connector, but it's good to be made aware of should you have to deal with it in the field.

It's good to know that almost all AEG connectors are plug and play: you simply push them together and as long as your battery is charged you're pretty much good to go. If you're worried then there is no need tobe. This is because all the most common Airsoft connectors are designed to only plug in one particular way so that you can't accidentally plug positive to positive or negative to negative and cause a short. This way there's a lot less worry, and less issues with getting it wrong and damaging your connectors.

Tamiya Connectors have one round pin, and one square pin, Deans connectors have a vertical and horizontal pin, and the XT60 has a not and a chamfered edge so you can't plug them in the wrong way around unless you really force them!

You may have noticed, either in real life or in this video, that some batteries (specifically Lithium Polymer, aka LiPo batteries) have an extra little white connector attached in addition to the normal battery connector. This is called the balance lead, or sometimes called a balance cable, and that's responsible for making sure that the individual cells charge as they should. This cable gives the charger access to each of the individual cells so they can each be charged to the correct level.

If any of you avid Airsoft DIY enthusiasts, or starter Airsoft Techs, out there are considering swapping over the connectors on your gun from Tamiya to Deans then don't forget to remember that it's the male connector that goes on the gun end and the female connector that goes on the battery end.

For those of you who still need the birds and the bees talk: the male pins are the extruding ones which go into the other female connectors.

This is to prevent short circuiting when the batteries in your guns, or when equipment is in storage or in a kit bag. The idea is that the pins can't be bridged to cause a short due to exposed pins. This is particularly important when you're talking about Deans connectors, as the male pins are fully exposed.

When it comes to choosing a battery to go in your rifle that's a whole new video itself. Suffice to say that manufacturers have tried their hardest of crammed batteries into every possible space available on a gun.

For example in an m4 generally speaking the battery would go in the buffer tube in an AEK underneath the top dust cover.

If you're worried about buying the right battery for your airsoft gun check out the Specifications Tab on each of the product listings to see what we recommend if you're in any doubt still please get in touch, or give us a call.

So there you go guys hopefully this video has been of some help to you the new players out there. Featured in the video was Patrol Base Mike, and Patrol Base Pete. If you found this interesting then keep an eye out for more, we'll be releasing new content soon all targeted at new players!

Hottest Airsoft M4 for new Players in 2019

You may or may not be aware, but here at Patrol Base at the bottom right of every page there is the TokyWoky chat box where customers can interact with one another. You'll regularly see our staff and customers answering questions related to products, but one of the most common things which gets asked: What gun is the best for a beginner? This changes all the time, though there are some pretty staple ones, as newer ones come out all the time. We've put together this blog post to show off what we recommend at the moment as the best beginner M4 rifles for Airsoft skirmishers. We'll talk about what are the best M4 to get your hands on at the moment, for £150 or lower which are more than good enough to get you into your first skirmish. You can check them all out below!




£114.99 - £124.99

Brand new from SPECNA ARMS these rifles re-define the beginner Airsoft replica, with fantastic bodies and a great selection these rifles really look the part. Not only do they come in at a great price they also feature some advanced features such as a quick change spring system for ease of use, as well as coming with additional attachments in the box to get you going. In our opinion, these are the best option for a beginner player in 2019.

All the rifles are branded and based upon designed by Rock River Arms, a real steel manufacturing company, with each rifle featuring their unique logo and trademarks for added realism.




A 6mm electric powered Airsoft gun based off the M4 platform famous the world over for its success and deployment with countless forces in multiple conflict zones. Comes with rail covers, a foregrip, and even flip up ironsights! The rifle is available in black and tan.




Based on the M4 / AR platform this rifle has been based off of the Stubby / Tanker compact M4 which were originally designed for use in vehicles and for concealed carry. This rifle has been lovingly crafted by Specna Arms to the highest quality, from top quality materials.




An Airsoft electric powered 6mm M4 based replica, with an Alloy 20mm RIS handguard, rear wired crane stock, flip up iron sights and an integrated suppressor as standard. Available in Black and Tan and comes with a mock suppressor for a more unique look.




A brand new rifle built by Specna Arms as part of their CORE range of beginner rifles. With a KeyMod handguard and high quality build this rifle is the ideal starter weapon and has everything players new any old need in a rifle.



NUPROL DELTA Pioneer Range

£119.99 - £139.99

Full poylmer rifles with a high quality gearbox inside! These rifles do a great job of looking the part and being wobble free. The rifles themselves are simply polymer versions of their full metal conterparts, having all the features of a high end Airsoft replica, including plenty of rail space for customisation!




A new electric 6mm airsoft rifle made by Nuprol as a budget entry level RIF but without compromising on quality. Constructed from polymer this weapon is light weight but tough enough to handle the rigors of an airsoft skirmish, available in both Black and Tan variants.




An electric powered M4 based Airsoft replica, which is constructed mainly from Polymer to offer a lightweight and maneuverable platform which packs a punch. Available in standard Black and Tan, as well as a more modern operator Grey.



CYMA CM.5xx Series

£114.99 - £124.99

As the cheapest rifles in this article, these are great introductory rifles into the Airsoft world, the CM.5xx series of M4 / AR feature a fully polymer body to reduce costs, but still come with the standard CYMA V2 full metal gearbox, making them a great introductory rifle for those who are on a budget. The performance of a high end CYMA, with a body you aren't afraid to scuff.

It's still worth noting these guns usually come with a free battery and charger, though we recommend replacing free gift batteries and chargers immediately!




Custom external components come together to create one unique looking piece. Featuring a highly customisable top rail, which in total is 21'' in length.




The gun features many useful parts, when compared to the Standard M4A1
Platform, such as a Four Point RIS Rail Handguard, Suppressor and Flip-Up Iron Sights.

CM.507 AR-15



A more traditionally styled M4A1 electric powered replica, aimed towards beginners, that features a sliding stock and a four-point RIS handguard for grips, lasers and torches.




Great starter kit or for any one who is interested in back yard target shooting. The weapon is constructed almost entirely from Polymer, and features an Alloy Gearbox.



G&G Armament CM16 Combat Machine


Touted as the holy grail of beginner weapons these are the most recommended rifles picked by our customers. You'll have seen them before: they're tried, tested, and proven as rental guns, so if they're good enough to handle the thrashing of a rental player they're sture as hell going to hold up for a normal skirmisher. The rifles have a high quality polymer body, but also have the range and accuracy to compete with some of the higher end Airsoft rifles!




An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the M4 / AR Platform, which is a great entry grade Beginner weapon for those looking to start playing Airsoft, or even simply Backyard Plinking. Available in both Black and Tan, its the perfect gun for any beginner.




The longer version of the CM16 Raider, its an incredibly light weight and reliable Airsoft RIF. An excellent beginner Airsoft weapon but also very favourable by experienced Airsofters due to its out of the box performance being so good in a low price bracket.



Common Questions

Do they come with a battery and charger?

Do beginner guns come with a battery and charger, or do I have to buy them seperate??

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey! Some guns come with a battery and charger, and some do not. For more information please refer to the 'Package Includes' section, which is found at the bottom of the description as well as in the Product Specifications tab. We do however recommend that you replace the battery and charger immediately, as they are typically of low quality. You'll want an auto-stop charger and a high capacity battery for best performance. You can read a blog article on the subject which I wrote, and I will link it below. Hope this helps 🙂

Why are polymer gun cheaper?

Yo, why are polymer guns cheaper, do they break easy or something?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey! You'll usually find that Polymer guns are cheaper, but don't let that put you off. Polymer guns are just designed to be cheaper by not having to cast the parts in metal, reducing the overall cost. They still perform just as well as a metal good, and they still look the part at a distance. You'll find with some ranges that the metal and plastic guns feature exactly the same internals, they're just a cheaper alternative of the same thing. Hope this helps 🙂

Which mags do I need?


PatrolBase Jonny
Hey! For an M4 any STANAG style magazine should fit. The industries been pretty good with M4 mags, and most mags are cross brand compatible. You can find our full range of STANAG / M4 mags in their own category which I will link below. Hope this helps 🙂

What attachments can I use?

Hey guys, what attachments can I use on my m4?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey! The first thing you'll want to do is identify what attachment points your rifle has. This can be found in the Specifications section on your weapon's page. Once you've identified it you can pick a section on the website then filter by that connector type. Most rifles use 20mm RIS / RAS for sights and scopes, but the handguard varies, and could be 20mm / MLOK / KeyMod. The most common type of rail is 20mm RIS / RAS, so there are plenty of attachments available 🙂 Hope this helps 🙂

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