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Explosive Airsoft Weekend!

What a weekend it was! Today we want to recap what we got up to at HALO MILL - Proving Grounds. We hope it might just wet your pewing appetite to visit the next game day.

Our last game day was held on the 4th of November, there may have been a few fireworks going off through the late afternoon too...

The event was massive last year, but we knew this year was going to get even more hyped by players, so we had to deliver a few more bangs.

Recap on the days scoring:
Well, what can we say from today but thanks to everyone who came to operation treason and made it one to remember. We have never seen so many objectives so bitterly fought over and great sportsmanship from both side, we also hope you all enjoyed the final display on the bridge.

The day was won by the non-banded team with 759 to the blue teams 750 it was a close game all day and from all our staff we thank you for your efforts in making these events what they are.

What's coming next?:

Christmas special! It will be Proving Grounds last game day for 2018, so if you are keen to experience woodland like never before, and face a few hundred enemy targets then get clicking here to find out more and book a spot or two.

Feature Friday – Jack

Everyone, meet Jack! Mark Pinder's (from last weeks feature Friday) wingman in the two-toning and returns repair department and pre-upgrades before shipping. Jack has been with ourselves for a number of years now and you may recognise him from previously working as front of house retail staff.















The Gear:

Lightweight, simple, modern and quite the opposite to what you would expect from him when you see what he runs as his current primary... more on that later! With a modern, low profile loadout on a relatively low budget, Jack has a load-out he can mix up fast depending on what environment he next plays at.















Usually, a fan of the outdoors, his current loadout starting from the head down consists of:

Keeping it compact and also affordable was a priority, especially when Jack runs a pricey primary.















The Gun:

The ARES - L1A1 SLR Rifle with real wood furniture is quite a new release. Yes, it has been out for over 12 months, but this gun was originally released many years ago but was only ever available in all Black. There was a significant dry spell where production had completely halted. It's only recently that Ares has now released the wood kit separately or you can buy it pre-fitted from the factory.

With a few years under his belt working alongside fellow Airsoft engineers, the gun has had a little tinker internally with the following upgrades:

The gun is almost used as a DMR rifle so the few upgrades above aid in that added range and accuracy, especially when combined with some 0.28 and 0.30g BB ammo. The rest of the Airsoft rifle is completely standard.

Want to see more news on Jack and other staff builds and load-outs? Click here to see our "Staff Armoury" index.

Stu’s On Tour!

It's not his first rodeo, expect guns, guns and more guns!

One of our in-house photographer, manager of HALO MILL - Proving Grounds and world explorer is heading off to America as of tomorrow!

It's not the first time Stuart has ventured over the pond, but this time he's going to be showing off his activities on our Instagram page. Not following us already? Then be sure to do so now so you don't miss out on US Airsoft and real steel shooting! Click here to find our Instagram page.

Stuart will also be heading out to Operation Bone Strike II this Saturday the 14th of September in Mississippi for a weekend operation! We can't wait for him to get back already to bring a load of footage and pro-photos from the weekend and other events he will be calling in at.

So, to keep on top of his adventures, keep an eye on the Instagram page here.

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