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Pre-Order! – VORSK Agency VX-9

UPDATE! The special editions have all sold out, we have just received delivery of the goods and are being processed and deliveries will commence as of the 8th of June. Due to the high demand we are now waiting for a second production run from VORSK, this may be quite a wait due to the current global situation. HOWEVER! We have produced a bundle deal on the standard editions where you can buy two and save £40. Check out the bundle deals by scrolling down on the product page.

Check out the standard edition of the VORSK - VX-9 GBB Pistol here.

Today we are bringing you the latest news and pre-order ability of the latest release from VORSK, the Agency VX-9!

We expect the VX-9 to be shipping to your door from the 8th of June, you will have three variant options available to you. Choose between Chrome or Black, each pistol comes with a unique suppressor and stunning accented details all over the pistol. The third variant option is a special edition box set that includes two VX-9's in one box alongside 2x standard and 2x extended magazines.

Lets expand on the questions everyone wants answering, first of all the magazines. As already mentioned the special edition models come with 4 magazines in total (as you have 2 pistols), two of these magazines are extended 50rnd capacity. This pistol is compatible with Tokyo Marui and RAVEN MEU 1911 Gas and CO2 powered magazines.

Straight out of the box we have reports from the developers that you can expect 330fps roughly using NUPROL 2.0 Green gas. The suppressor also features an inner barrel extensions which will further improve your pistols accuracy and range plus a little FPS boost at the same time. You can also dismantle the suppressor/inner barrel extension unit so you can put your own foam inside there too! VORSK also plan on releasing their own dedicated foam filled suppressors at some point in the future, right now we have no date on those.

As with most VORSK pistols, the internals are Tokyo Marui compatible, however it cannot be guaranteed every upgrade part is 100% compatible without minor modifications. We always advise you shoot your Airsoft guns over 2 to 3 games to let them bed in, before you start chasing a couple of foot in extra range with upgrades.

Both pistols also have removable real wood grips, a potential special assassin option could be to replace them with integrated laser grips...

So, if you like what you see you can pre-order right now through our website here.

Feature Friday – Airsoft Ranch

We promised it would be coming, and now it is here! Today we are showing off what some of the guys behind Airsoft Ranch run on their game days of Airsoft.

If you haven't seen our previous blog on "Airsoft Ranch pay us a visit?", then go check it out using the clickable link.

From their previous trip here where they filmed a review of the Taran Tactical - KW3 Combat Master Pistol, they also got together with our media team to do a little fashion shoot.

So, let's get to it, we're going to start with Kamil and what he chooses as his go-to gear on Airsoft game day. Kamil likes to run with an affordable setup but invests wisely in his primary. Let us start off with the gear.

Equipment and Clothes:

Now, let's get onto his two favourite rifles, firstly his primary. The KRYTAC - Trident CRB MKII with a few tasty upgrades and accessories:

  • Prometheus Purple Bucking +Namazu Firefly Flat Nub,
  • SHS - 14 Teeth Piston
  • SHS - Metal Piston Head
  • GATE - Titan MOSFET
  • Laylax Prometheus - 6.03mm Stainless Steel Inner Barrel
  • Krytac Nautilus Gearbox shimmed
  • Rifle battery connection changed to Deans
  • GunsModify Bearing Rotor Set
  • AIP Recoil Buffer
  • Guarder Enhanced Recoil Spring Guide

As for his secondary, Kalim chooses to run his Tokyo Marui Glock17 Gen3.

Also joining Kamil on the catwalk was Ryan, a fellow team-member who loves his gear as seen in the pics.

Equipment and Clothes:

As for the guns, Ryan has spent some serious money! His beloved go-to is a Tokyo Marui - SCAR L fully upgraded. For those ultra CQB moments or when he's out of ammo for the SCAR, Ryan makes a quick change over to his RAVEN - EU17 GBB Pistol.

If you've enjoyed this read and want to check out other Feature Friday posts, just flick back in time through our blog posts to find more.

Another Deal!

Starting at mid-day today (11th of July) we're launching another mega deal of 2x WE Europe - M1911 Magazine 15rnd magazines FOR FREE on top of the one already included with either WE Europe - M1911 Gas Blowback Pistol and the WE Europe - MEU 1911 .45 SOC Railed Gas Blowback Pistol.

The deal will end midnight of the 14th of July so get on it whilst you can!

So what are you waiting for? After a full metal, GBB pistol with replaceable grips, clean designed and with 2x free magazines then check out the WE Europe - M1911 Gas Blowback Pistol.

Alternatively, do you want a little bit more of a modern build with the option to fit a laser torch combo? Then claim your 2x free magazines by checking out the WE Europe - MEU 1911 .45 SOC Railed Gas Blowback Pistol.

To claim your bundle deals you must scroll down and buy from the bundle section. You will not get 2x free magazines by just adding the pistol only to cart. If you do not follow these instructions you will not be able to claim your free magazines at a later date.

If you take advantage of the deal then share with us on Instagram your deliveries! Tag us using @patrolbase.

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