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Feature Friday – Doodson

Today it's time to introduce our 2nd Dave of this current blog series. Known mostly as Doodson, he's been with Patrol Base for over 7 years! Originally working part-time, he finally fell into his full-time position of most days working within our in-store workshop and front of house staff. Doodson is quite well known for his taste in rifles, optics, upgrades and... if you hear someone laughing in a bush, you're about to get shot by him mid game day.

Ninja Doodson also shoots real steel rifles as a hobby, but today we are purely focusing on his 6mm plastic addition. Let's start off with his gear, the very little of it that he runs with.

The Gear:

As we have already mentioned, Doodson has pretty much always run super lightweight. Not quite naked, but also not far off. Generally seen running all year in a t-shirt and combat bottoms, he does opt for a thermal base layer when the winter starts to creep in.

Doodson's latest loadout consists of:

  • Salomon - GTX boots
  • Sealskins - Socks because the ‘gtx-yness’ stopped working and it was cheaper than new boots
  • Vertx - Mandrake trousers
  • Black Hawk - riggers belt
  • Black Hawk - 1911 holster
  • Blue Force Gear - Helium Whisper Dump Pouch
  • Blue Force Gear - Helium Whisper M4 mag pouch
  • Arcteryx - Thermal Top
  • Vortex - Organic Muley T-Shirt

Literally, that is it! When running his tricked out VSR, his spare magazines and speedloaders are simply stored in his pocket and the tactical stock-pouch.

The Guns:

Doodson has owned many guns in his Airsoft life. But today we are focusing on his special two. Always known as being a sneaky sniper, running and gunning a MK23, it wasn't until quite recently he moved onto the ASG - Scorpion Evo hype.

Let's get straight into the upgrade. Dave is all about range, accuracy and consistency and having to tinker with nearly everything. The internals consists of:

Externally Doodson has chopped down the suppressor to submerge it into the handguard some more, installed an HB Industries - EVO Paddle Mag Release and opted for a VORTEX - VIPER PST Gen II 106x24 SFP VMR-2 MRAD scope mounted on a VORTEX - American Eagle Precision QR mount.

Now onto potentially Doodson's move beloved weapon. His fully pimped out Tokyo Marui - VSR-10 Pro Sniper Rifle. This is the railed version fitted with a suppressor and has had some serious time and money spent on it internally.

Let's get straight into it:

As mentioned already, Doodson runs light so all his magazines and spare speedloader of ammo are stocked in the stock pouch of the rifle or in his trouser pockets.

The rifle itself has also had other modifications including a blanked off mock ejection port to reduce sound when the piston smacks against the cylinder head and trigger release. The stock has also been filled with expanding foam too.

Lastly, one of the most common questions Doodson would get asked on a game day is... What scope is that!?! Taken from his real steel background he likes to keep familiar with his optics and slaps on a VORTEX - Razor Gen2 4.5-27x56 (available if you contact us!). The scope has been secured to the sight rail with a VORTEX - Precision Match 34mm Rings.

Finally onto his third pride and joy today. Doodson currently favours (from his collection), his Tokyo Marui - HI-CAPA 5.1 Gas Blowback Pistol finished in Chrome or to others, a Stainless Steel look.

Absolutely nothing has been done to this pistol! It's completely stock other than a slightly filed trigger guard to allow it to drop easily into his BLACKHAWK 1911 holster.

To see more of Doodson and his loadout, check out our "Staff Armoury" gallery on our Instagram by clicking here.

M40A3 McMillan – BREAKDOWN

The new must-have sniper rifle?...

We have truly taken this rifle down to its very last screw and bolt to find out exactly how this rifle holds up against many of the other available "budget" introductory Airsoft spring powered sniper rifles out there. In short, we are incredibly impressed! Continue reading below to find out everything we now know about it. For production information on the ASG - M40A3 McMillan Sniper "Click Here".

What do you get for your money?

First of all, you are getting a very sought after M40A3 stock that just feels amazing to hold. Very comfortable and visually striking compared to alternative slimline stocks you are normally used to seeing. On Tokyo Marui and other branded rifles, the M40A3 stocks are rare to find and highly desirable due to popular use in films and real steel shooting.

With this being a "budget rifle" you are getting a hollowed out stock with metal weights, but the hold and comfort are still absolutely fantastic. Now let's start breaking it down...

Breaking it in two:

As already mentioned, this is a hollowed out stock that features alloy weights but you could quite easily split it and pack it out with plasticine or expandable foam to make it feel a bit more robust.

First of all simply remove the under rail by removing the 2x screws.

You can then start to take each screw out of one side of the body and split by hand or a very thin blade.

The sling mounts do not need to be removed, but you can do so very easily should you want a flusher finish. Just be sure to chop off the mounting studs after.

Once split you can see there are three weights to balance out the rifle when being held up in the air.

The front inside also features the magazine release catch mechanism. This is a closed unit and unlike many other rifles out there, you do not need to fear of this part flying out and getting lost when disassembling your sniper!

Additional features:

As you may have already seen, the rifle features an adjustable cheek rest that requires you to simply undo the four screws. The cheek rest then has 4x positions that the rest will lock into once the screws are tightened back up.

The stock is also adjustable with 4x plates that can be added and removed until you have a desirable length once shouldered.

The cylinder and outer barrel are also stabilised with a very thick polymer locking unit as pictured below.

This unit keeps everything rock solid and provides one of the most satisfying bolt pulls we have ever experienced. Even when you fit a bigger spring inside the cylinder, everything still functions very smoothly and straight.

The inner barrel also features a polymer 2 part stabiliser, you can add more home-made ones by simply wrapping the inner barrel in insulation tape should you desire.

Hop-up chamber:

The hop-up chamber is very similar to the ones found in the SSG69 spring rifles, however, the M40A3 is far better quality with a better finish and just feels more pleasant to physically slide the hop pressure adjuster too.

Straight out of the box this hop-up unit will life a 0.40g BB very happily once you upgrade the cylinder with an ASG - High Power Spring - SSG69.

Do not let the polymer construction put you off. This is a hard ABS material that delivers excellent and precise pressure upon your hop-up rubber/bucking.

The cylinder:

The cylinder only requires a spring upgrade for this to become a very competitive rifle on the field. Yes, you can replace the piston and spring guide with alloy alternatives, but we would honestly find this a waste of money. Just like the SSG69, this rifle can be upgraded to 500fps with just a high powered spring purchase.

The nozzle is tight straight from the factory, but with some long needle nose pliers it comes off very easily revealing the heavy greased insides. We would recommend a quick clean and Abbey Silicone Oil is used before your first skirmish to improve your range upon your first few shots. You may also see an additional FPS increase.

Overall verdict:

Do not upgrade anything over than the spring! This rifle performs very well and with the spring upgrade and right BBs, plus a good setup scope you can achieve some seriously impressive range on the skirmish field competing very nicely against well tuned Tokyo Marui platforms.

The rifle is lightweight, easy to pull the bolt, cheap magazines to buy as spares and can be heavily customised. A few customisations we recommend are to fill the stock with either plasticine or expandable foam, a one-piece homemade barrel spacer (paper wrapped tight around the inner barrel) and a camo paint job.

Want one?

Keep it clean, use quality ammo and set up your scope properly and you will not be disappointed. For your own ASG - M40A3 McMillan Sniper "Click Here".


UPGRADE TIME! – SSG 69 Precision Barrel

Finally in stock to boost your power, range and accuracy!

For a long time we have been personally waiting for this part to complete our upgrade! The ASG - SSG 69 Precision Inner Barrel (Click Here to buy now). You may have seen our previous blog posts on upgrading the ASG - SSG 69, if not then click the links below:

Part 1 - Crazy Super Light Sniper Rifle
Part 2 - Go Camo! - Sniper Update
Part 3 - Make it silent! DIY Suppressor

Why are we doing this?

So, the standard barrels are quite poor. But for a sub £90 sniper rifle you can't expect alot. Out of the box these rifles shoot very well and in our of our previous blog posts we have listed some the upgrades we have carried out, but here is a full list of current upgrades:

# High powered spring
# Weighted piston
# Inner barrel spaces
# AEG barrel chopped to fit to standard hop unit

Below you can see the rifles current FPS with the above listed work:

Since doing these updates, we went a little too far with the AEG inner barrel and then found out ASG actually provided a purpose made SSG69 Precision Inner Barrel. So what do we expect to get from this upgrade?

# An FPS increase as you can only go so far with a spring upgrade on stock sears, spring guide and other cylinder components
# Tighter grouping down range

On top of fitting the upgraded tight-bore, we are also installing a fresh hop-up rubber for peace of mind.

First things first:

Upon opening the packaging we noticed this is a standard looking brass barrel and could do with a clean before initial use. Why? From storage the oils used in production have settled a little but collected dust and super small dirt, so give it a quick clean before assembly! Below is a photo of what you can expect upon receiving your item:

This barrel is a definite upgrade over the super cheap lightweight standard silver one. It wasn't even silver, a mucky grey. Once again what do you really expect for a sub £90 sniper rifle? This upgraded barrel also has the perfect cut outs for this one of a king hop-up unit so we expect everything to line up perfectly unlike our "bodged" efforts before of the AEG chopped up goodness...

Below shows the clean pre-cuts for aligning the barrel upon assembly:

Prepare to shave...:

One thing we have encountered is the new tight-bore precision inner barrel is slightly wider than a standard inner barrel. Today was our first time we have had to do this as usually it is a drop in barrel, but we have to do some shaving of the walls on the inside of the hop-up unit as circled below. We knew we had to do this because the hop unit wouldn't fully close tight upon re-assembly.

The first image shows a before and the last an after, we simply used a dremel to take away the edges:

Another little mod we did was slightly share the hop-up rubber guiding line slightly for an easier drop into the hop-up unit. There are no photos of this, as once you re-build you unit you will know straight away what we mean.

The results:

Excellent! The results are shown below:

# Cut up AEG barrel = 130mps / 426fps
# ASG - SSG 69 Precision Inner barrel 6.03 x 465mm = 164mps / 538

The above results were with a 0.20g BB, we of course need to do a final test with the ammo we intend to use to avoid creep issues. From a quick test, we were hot still with a 0.43g BB, we we now need to cut the spring to compensate.

Want your own upgrade? Get the ASG - SSG 69 Precision Inner Barrel (Click Here to buy now).

What's next?:

We need to reduce the FPS minutely and then go testing down range! We will produce a short video and create a future blog on this soon 🙂

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