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The importance of the Hop Unit

It is quite surprising just how many people don't have their hop set right within their Airsoft gun. With a properly setup hop unit you can easily increase your range by up to 100%!

As well as having a nicely set up stock hop unit, you can also upgrade the hop unit to provide further range and accuracy at a small cost. One of the most important practices though is regular maintenance of your hop unit to ensure you are getting the most out of your Airsoft gun either is be an AEG, Pistol or Sniper Rifle.

Generally to apply hop you need to either twist or screw the hop adjustment wheel or screw clockwise. Some sniper rifles such as the TM VSR will have a sliding arm that you pull towards the rear of the gun to apply more hop. Most AEG's including the M4 and variants have a wheel that you usually adjust Anti Clockwise to apply hop.

It is also important to have the right BB weight. A new hop unit will need to be bedded in and is always best to settle the hop with about 1000 to 2000 rounds with your desired BB weight. Usually rifles between 340 to 350+ fps are best with using 0.25g BB's. Anything lower than this would be best to use 0.2g BB's. Sniper rifles are completely different, usually FPS between 400 and 420 you would want to use 0.3g BB's, FPS from 440 to 470 would be best to use 0.36g BB's. Anything over 480 fps would require 0.4g bb's or higher.

First of all fire a few rounds through your gun with no hop applied, then apply hop minutely until you get a level bb flight with no upwards curving. Fire about one or two magazines through the gun and then apply a little more hop. For best results in terms of range, accuracy and consistency you want a level bb flight.

There are different types of hop rubbers you can go for that range from £5 up to £20 and more per rubber. You also need a good bucking which is what applies the pressure onto the rubber. Usually an AEG of 350fps would be best to use a soft hop rubber with a medium to hard bucking. Anything over 450 fps would be best to use a hard hop rubber and bucking.

Always be sure to have a clean hop rubber and inner barrel. A quick squirt of silicone spray and then dried off with a cotton bud is enough until it’s clean. Another important note is to never remove the inner barrel from your Airsoft Gun with the hop applied. You risk damaging your hop rubber and your hop unit!

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