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Time to flaunt it baby!

Whether you're a nooby or a veteran, it's time to flaunt it!

If you haven't seen it already, then it's time to get on it. Every Wednesday and Thursday, we make you the winner. You might have lost your last game day, but you can win now with our Weapon Wednesdays and Tactical Thursdays and get featured!

Weapon Wednesdays #WW

If you are a car guy /gal you will have heard of "Wheel Wednesdays", if its gym life it might be "Work-out Wednesday"... If you fit Venetian blinds for a living it could be "Window Wednesday"... ok, we went too far. Well, here at Patrol Base we want to make Weapon Wednesday huge in the Airsoft World. We started this last week, and tomorrow is our next posting.

You don't need to have bought a new gun every week, just show off your old beloved in a new angle, maybe she's had a new paint job or a little tickle. SHOW IT OFF!

As seen above, follow our Facebook here, or follow our Instagram here. Submit your pics, tag @patrolbase use the hashtag #WW, give a little insight into what makes your weapon special to you too. We start this every Wednesday from 9am and in the evening we will post a few pics we find our favorite from the day on our main pages!

Remember, it's Weapon Wednesdays so that wants to be the focus of the image, and please, keep it clean!

Tactical Thursdays #TT

This is for the propper posers out there, its all about you and your gear. Anything from Cosplay to Mil-sim, we want to see you looking your finest.

Get your face out there and if we like what we see, you could be featured on our pages. Just like our other posts, on a Thursday tag @patrolbase and use the hashtag #TT

If you are a re-enactor, filmmaker or mad about Airsoft in general, we want to see it all.

Where do I post?

If it is on Facebook, click here. For Instagram, simply upload a pic to your channel, tag @Patrolbase and use the hashtags #WW or #TT

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