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TM M40a5 Sniper Rifle


If you're looking for a new Sniper Rifle and are looking for the best of the best why not check out our latest offering, the Tokyo Marui USMC M40A5. The rifle is a 6mm BB Airsoft replica of the latest in service variant of the US Marine Corps' current issue sniper rifle, the Bolt action 7.62mm NATO M40A5. The M40 series started out as USMC modified variants of Remington's 700 series of bolt action rifles in the Vietnam War, and the A5 is the most recent variant of the design. Marui have taken the original weapon design and sprinkled their magic onto it, creating a highly detailed, and accurate replica.

The weapon has a few notable features:

  •   - Realistic Magazine Positioning
  •   - 7'' Top 20mm RIS / RAS Rail for Sights and Scopes
  •   - Front 3'' 20mm RIS / RAS Dual-Rail
  •   - Three Front and Three Rear QD Sling Loop Mount Points

The rifle features realistic magazine positioning unlike most Airsoft Sniper Rifles where the magazine is too far forward, making for a more accurate replica. The problem of loading BBs has been solved by adding a feeding tube which leads from the magazine to the Hop-Up unit to load the BB. Typically this would cause a problem where excess BBs would simply roll out the weapon when the magazine is released, but Marui' have added a catch which holds the BBs in the weapon when the magazine is removed. Normally, this would be a problem as the weapon would still be able to fire, but TM have worked their magic and built the rifle so it will not fire unless the magazine is inserted.

The weapon features multiple 20mm RIS / RAS Rails for attaching Sights, Scopes and other aftermarket attachments. The rifle features a top 20mm RIS / RAS Rail, the most common type of scope mount available for Airsoft, which is 7'' in length, allowing even the largest Sights to be attached. More interestingly, the weapon features a front two  point 3'' 20mm RIS / RAS rail, allowing attachments to be placed in the Twelve, and Three O'Clock positions, which can be used for attaching Red Dot Sights, Torches, Lasers and other Aim Assist Devices.

The weapon has the modern shooter in mind, with three front and three rear Quick Detach Sling Mount Points, on the Three, Six and Nine O'clock positions, allowing slings to be quickly attached and removed in between games, or be able to quickly release the weapon should it need to be placed on the ground during a cease fire call. For those who don't know, QD Sling Loops are push-button fit Sling Loops, which can be move around a weapon quickly and without the need for tools, allowing for the sling configuration to be quickly changed as required.

MAD BULL Steel QD Sling Swivels (2 Pack)

The weapon is also fully adjustable, like the real weapon, and comes with extra Stock Spacers and features an adjustable Cheek Rest. This allows the rifle to be set up to each individual shooter, and can be adjusted to allow the easy use of a scope. The cheek rest and stock should be adjusted until the user can rest their cheek comfortably, and instantly be level with the scope and have the correct eye relief.

The Rifle comes in two different variants:



Tokyo Marui FPS?

how come the FPS on tokyo marui stuff is so low?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! This is because in Japan they have strict laws which restrict the power of Airsoft Replicas. For example, their weapons cannot fire over 350fps, and their Pistols can only have polymer slides. These restrictions have lead to Tokyo Marui spending lots of time developing and improving the quality of their weapons to the point where even with a lower power they will out-range most standard stuff in the UK, and are even better with upgrades! Hope this helps 🙂

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