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Tokyo Mauri MK23 Socom

Seen as payday had come by recently and I was in the mood to a chance of pistol, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a second-hand TM MK23 socom pistol off the internet.

Originally I was using a WE M1911, but the sound it made was too much for my stealthy sniper ways on the Airsoft battlefield.

Today the TM MK23 was delivered and I was eager to get it unwrapped and test out the range, FPS and to see really how quiet it was with and without the silencer.

Included in the box was also a small bag of BB's, silencer, MK23 pistol and a LAM unit with flashlight and built in laser. Please note though the laser is just a red LED light behind a foggy screen.

First impressions of the pistol were that the pistol looked great, as good as new considering it had been used in one skirmish.

The mood quickly changed though when both mags were leaking that bad, you couldn't put gas in them. However after a phone call to the original owner I was advised to sit the mags in hot water (straight out the kettle) for 30 minutes with no gas in them...

I instantly thought this wouldn't work, however 10 minutes in I started getting impatient and decided to mag up and give the pistol a go. As I was putting the gas in it was still leaking ever so slightly, but when I stopped adding gas there was no leak at all. I then took the pistol to the shops indoor shooting range and it worked! Perfectly!

So the hot water trick really did work to my amazement. I managed to get 5 or 6 mags worth of steady shots from a single mag using the KICKASS Gas we sell online and that we have already reviewed here.

So now it was time to test the FPS and Range. Indoors I was limited to 30 metre targets but they were being hit head centre with far more room for further shots. The FPS was also surprising at 330 average without the silencer, but at a mid 310with the silencer attached.

The pistol is going to be taken out to First any Only's "Heywood" site this coming Sunday (5th September 2010) to test it out as a backup for my sniper role.

I do however already have plans to fit a tight bore barrel giving around 15% fps increase, in the near future and will be sure to write up a quick review and step by step guide on how to fit the barrel at a later date.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the mini review and pictures.



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