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Coach of the Month

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For those who haven't yet used TokyWoky, it is the Chat System we have running on our website which is featured at the bottom right, and has as similar style to Facebook Chat. The chat box allows you to get in contact with other Airsoft Players browsing the site, allowing you to ask any and all questions should you need the help! The system allows people to rate each other, and allows people to become Coaches, showing that they have helped people with their questions! Each month we will be selecting a user to be our Coach of the Month, and will be someone who we pick who has helped the other users the most!

This month our coach of the month is Chris Peckham for answering helping new players get into the sport!

"Hi there, in the past I have bought / been given loads of budget guns for Tech'ing and I always run them for a bit in skirmishes and there are three that stand out. Starting at the cheapest (£124.99) the Ares M4A1 Carbine S-Class AEG is an excellent gun, performing the best out of any budget AEG I have ever seen, the drawback of this gun is that it front wired and it has no RIS rails at the front (this wasn't a problem for me as I switched out the front rail and but a battery box on.) My second choice is the G&G Armament Combat Machine CM16 SR-L (coming in at £179.95). I have not used this gun much as I am in the habit of only using my EVO indoors and I haven't been able to get to outdoor skirmishes that much, but the 3 times (full days) have used it, it has been consistent in performance. It's a great gun to hold and it performs a treat!!! The third and final gun is the G&G Armament CM16 Intermediate Predator Combat Machine which is at £211.95. I used this gun whilst playing overseas and playing out and indoor in France. This gun didn't let me down once. it performs well, is good indoors and out and it looks like a beast (because it is one).

If you have any other questions such as how to get a black/RIF gun (I can explain UKARA for you) then feel free to ask Hope this helps, happy Airsofting!!!"

Thanks Chris! Keep up the good work!

- PatrolBase Jonny

chrispeckham chrispeckham2

You can view Chris's TokyWoky Coach profile Here.

Common Questions

Here are a few additional questions that have been commonly asked by Visitors and Coaches this week.

Visitor: Do you accept a BAC licence as a valid defence and if so how do i got about entering it at the checkout

PatrolBase Jonny: Hey there! To validate a BAC defence please give us a call on: 01484 644709, and the guys in the office will be able to help you out ! Hope this helps 😀

Visitor: If you buy a gun which is semi auto, does that mean you do not have to cock the gun every time you fire it?

Kyredeemer: Semi Auto is one round every squeeze of the trigger, provides for more accurate shooting than on fully auto 🙂

ConcreteSky: Hi there, do you do finance to pay for expensive carts?

PatrolBase Jonny: Hey there! Yes, we do do finance. However, we only offer it in-store. If you are willing to make the trip to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire you can come check us out. We offer interest free finance. You can give us a call on: 01484 644709 to talk about it! Hope this helps!

Visitor: Are the two tone rifles as good as the replicas or poorer quality?

Visitor: Hi, The two tone guns are just the same as any Airsoft gun they are just sprayed a different colour no difference in quality!

Written by PatrolBase Jonny, who has written a total of 74 posts.

Jonny has worked for Patrol Base for 5+ years, working in the media department and on the main website. Responsible for managing the software which runs the website, bringing new features wherever possible. You can get in contact via Facebook and Instagram.

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