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TokyWoky Coach RZR BB Test Giveaway

PLEASE NOTE: The Coaches have been picked! Please keep an eye on your TokyWoky Inbox to see if you've been picked, I've already sent out the messages - PatrolBase Jonny


Here at Patrol Base we've been lucky enough to get a sample selection of the new RZR BBs from Nuprol, and we're looking for people to test them, and so we've decided to give away bottles to our trusted TokyWoky Coaches so we can get some feedback on what people think of them. We have a single bottle of each weight to send out, coming in 0.20g, 0.25g 0.28g, 0.30g and 0.32g 3300 Round Bottles.

We're going to give bottles away randomly to our coaches, and if you would like to be picked all you have to do is comment on this post with the following:

  •      * Your TokyWoky Coach Username
  •      * The Gun you are using
  •      * What weight you would like to try

If you are picked Patrol Base Jonny will get in touch with you through TokyWoky, to organise where to send the BBs to, and you can also let him know how you've got on with the BBs.

We're doing this because we're interested in what people think of these new BBs, and if the feed back is positive we'll stock them! We're really looking forward to hearing what you think!

Please note that this is only open to UK Based TokyWoky coaches.

What are you wanting to know?

Once they've been tested we want to know the following:

  •      * Do they feed well?
  •      * Did they effect your range?
  •      * Did they effect your accuracy?
  •      * What do you think of the packaging?


What are you going to do with the info?

If people like them, we'll buy them. We'll also take all the information off everyone and feature them in a blog post.


How do I become a coach?

To become a coach you just have to answer peoples questions! If your answer is picked as the best answer 3 times you will be invited to become a coach automatically.


What is TokyWoky?

If you don't know what TokyWoky is, its the chat system down at the bottom right of the page that allows you to ask questions to the Airsoft Community. You can read a more detailed blog on it: TokyWoky Community Chat System 


How will I get the BBs?

If you're picked PatrolBase Jonny will get in touch with you through TokyWoky, and get your Postage Address so we can send you them.

Written by PatrolBase Jonny, who has written a total of 74 posts.

Jonny has worked for Patrol Base for 5+ years, working in the media department and on the main website. Responsible for managing the software which runs the website, bringing new features wherever possible. You can get in contact via Facebook and Instagram.

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26 thoughts on “TokyWoky Coach RZR BB Test Giveaway”

  1. Liverpoolloonie2 (TokyWoky)

    Hi Jonny,

    Saw these BB’s and what your offering and I would love to take part.
    I currently use my trusty Krtyac SPR with a Pro-Win hop up and it has been r-hoped and shoot at 330fps with little deviation.
    If i could test the .25’s as I already have a few other brands of .25’s to test with.

    Hope this helps!


  2. David pickett

    Hi im david i play alot of cqb at halo mill /the stan and i use .2s in my firehawk, g36 and pistols
    I would love to test these bbs in a .2 and .25 wieght .


  3. Saija clark

    Hi Jonny,
    I would like to take part of this fun!
    My TokyWoky Coach Username is – FINshieldmaiden
    * the gun I’m using is Firehawk
    * I would like to try 0.20


  4. Phil scott


    New to the airsoft been playing 4 months.

    I would like to try the bbs so I can see the difference from what I have been using if any. Also free stuff is always good.

    I would also like to coach as I have good knowledge and very willing to share how I got on when I was starting up.

    Primary weapon is a g&g predior.
    Secondary is a toucan big bird


    1. PatrolBase Jonny Post author

      Hey Phil! To become a coach you just have to answer peoples questions! If your answer is picked as the best answer 3 times you will be invited to become a coach automatically. Hope this helps 🙂


  5. Chris

    Coach Name: Kielnastra


    WE G36C GBBR
    CYMA M14
    CYMA AK47
    CYMA M16A3
    WE Scar-H
    DE Spas
    TM M870
    WE Bulldog
    KWC Revolver


    I would like to try them in .2 and .25 please.



  6. Dominic Humphreys


    ICS SIG 552 MRS
    CYMA M14 EBR

    would like to try out .32 (Just made an order if you would like to throw it in 😉 )


  7. Chris peckham

    Hi There,
    my username is Chris peckham
    I would like to try out the 0.2s.
    I currently run a scorpion evo 3 a1, with two we tech glocks (2t speed and g35) as side arms.
    I am also planning on running the franchi spas 12, which I got at the Halloween event at the mill, for a bit.
    Would have the opportunity to test indoor and out well.


  8. Marcus Conway

    Hi all

    My username in marco1989

    I would like to try out the .2 and .25 please.

    In guns i have:
    Ares Amoeba AM-002 M4 CCC EFCS
    WE Europe P-Virus Biohazard Sig P226 GBB Pistol
    WE Europe EX Series EX4 Px4 Bulldog Standard Pistol
    KRYTAC MK II Trident SPR
    Polar Star Jake M4 Custom


  9. Rhys Cooper

    UserName: Cooperman

    MK23 Socom
    An AK47 Variant (Not sure)

    I use .3g bbs And they are really good. I would Like to try .32 or .30 of these bb’s as i may be interested in getting some if they are good!


  10. Harry wilson

    Hi my coach name is Haroldiniho

    I wouldn’t mind having any weight but normally use .25g

    My current weapons are tippmann m4
    GBB scar l on hpa
    GBB msk/acr
    GBB G17 custom and m93r
    AEG m4 fully upgraded
    AEG ebb mp5 sd6
    Oh and a spring shotty

    Love to try them out for you and let you know how they do thanks alot


  11. Michael Preston


    username: Preston56

    i would like to try out .2 bbs because i wanted to see how they fire in my gun.

    Bolt MK18 MOD1
    ASG AK47
    WE Glock 17



  12. Daftlad

    Guns: Cyma CM 702A M24 & Toucan Big Bird Pistol

    due to the limitation of a stock Cyma I’m using 0.25g in my sniper and my pistol so I might as well request the 0.25g so I can compare the difference between them and my usual blasters.



  13. TristanCook


    Username: HyperFX

    I wouldn’t mind learning from a new brand, i would like 0.2’s of possbile,

    I will be using the BB’s on the cheaper set of weapons (Sub 150GBP) so you can get performance from the extremer end of the market.

    The weapons:

    Cyma 0.28A
    KWC SW40F
    Well MB-06.

    Cheers for the chance, hope I can help.




  14. mullered (callum millard)

    Hi jonny,
    Saw these BB’s and what your offering and I would love to take part.
    I currently use a g&g firehawk with no upgrades 310fps
    If i could test the .20′s as I already love trying others and what works best this would mean so much to me
    Hope this helps!


  15. Jack

    Username: Jack
    I would like to try e 0.25’s to see how good they are in my g&g tr16 r4 and my custom hi capa 5.1.


  16. Oliver Tipton

    My username is olitippo
    I’d be interested to try the .28s as I would find it interesting to see how these would work with a few of my guns, though I am most interested on the performance in my KWA MP9 since I have tried nuprol BBs before which yielded… interesting results so I would like to see if these are any better. I would also like to try them in my P-09 and G&G Wild Hog.


  17. James Miall

    I use a SRC m4 with several upgrades such as a new inner barrel and a new maple leaf hop bucking
    i would like to use the .2 gram bbs as that is what i always use at my site. The site i play at is a mid paced field that still has a nice mix between slow tactics and high speedsoft elements
    my username is James Miall


  18. Cory

    tokywoky name: tutankhamoon

    hey man, if its still going i wouldn’t mind sampling some of the BB’s, would be looking at the .32’s to use in my ares amoeba s1 striker.

    Many thanks,


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