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TokyWoky Community Chat System


A few eagle eyed users may have noticed a new addition to our website, TokyWoky, a live chat system which allows everyone to chat to one another about products, and ask questions and help each other out!

TokyWoky has been around in France for some time now, and has worked great with other companies such as Loreal Paris, and Kiabi to create a thriving community where people can help out each other with any and all questions, from both easy to the hard to answer questions.

Using TokyWoky you can not only get in contact with our Sales Team to ask about things on our website, but you can also ask for others opinions on kit we sell! For example: You can ask if a weapon is great for CQB, if a Rig or Vest will fit, or even if a weapon is even any good at all! We understand that some people want not just our opinion on products, but the voice of the wider community, and TokyWoky will allow you to do this!

We think that TokyWoky in the long run is a great alternative to the traditional forum dynamic, allowing you to get instant real time response to questions from our users all around the world!

So go forth! Spread the Airsoft Love!


How does it work?

The way TokyWoky works is not dissimilar to how Facebook chat works, but instead of interacting with just one person, multiple people can jump in and help answer questions and often giving you multiple solutions to the one question! Once you reply to a question people can vote on how helpful the response was earning you thanks and stars towards your profile!

Those who wish to help others also get the benefit of becoming Coaches, allowing other users of the service to recognise their helpfulness, and by helping multiple people earn ratings and badges which can be seen on their profile. Each month we will announce the ‘Coach of the Month’ as a thanks for being a Coach to the growing community.

Once you become a Coach people can ask for your help, and by adding you as a friend they can ask you questions, allowing you to help them directly. By helping out as a Coach you can help the next wave of New Players, by guiding them with purchases, and by giving them hints and tips which will help them in the field.


How do I access TokyWoky?

TokyWoky can be found at the Bottom Right of any page of our Website, allowing you quick access to the wider community should you need it! By clicking the “Ask a question!” Tab you bring up an interactive box which allows you to type in your question and ask for help!

Toky Woky- How to Access

The chat box can be found at the bottom right of the page, and clicked to enlarge.

Should you want to help other people you can click the “Help other people” link at the bottom right of the box, which will reveal all the recent questions placed by Visitors, allowing you to help other people directly!

Once you answer Three or More questions you get access to becoming a Coach, which will allow you to give yourself a Unique Name and access to a Profile where you can show off all your Thanks and Stars!

Toky Woky - How to Access 2

Using TokyWoky you can interact with other users and help answer their questions.

Should you want to further respond to people's questions you can continue the chat by clicking the My Discussions button at the Top Right of the TokyWoky Chat Box, this will give you a list of all previous conversations you have had with other visitors!

Toky Woky - How to Access 3

You can view all previous conversations through TokyWoky by clicking the "Mail" button.


Common Questions


What is the point?

Well, we want Airsoft to be a fun friendly environment, where people can get all the help they need and have all their questions answered. The more new people we help out, the more likely they are to stick around, and the more people we have to shoot at! Happy days!

Can I ask for information on an order?

All questions made on TokyWoky are public facing, this means that everyone can see your questions! They won’t be able to see any responses though! We do recommend that instead of asking questions about your Order on TokyWoky you give us a call on: 01484 644709.

Is anyone there? Is this real or are these bots?

Yes we’re here, and we’re going to say Hi back! Everyone on TokyWoky is a real person, no annoying auto-chat bots here! We prefer the personal touch over plain old bots anyway!

Do you do anything with the Questions?

We keep a record of the Questions, and if any common ones keep popping up it helps us gauge how users are finding the website! The more common the question the more likely we are to update the Website so you guys can have a better experience.

Can I get access to TokyWoky in any other way?

TokyWoky is available as an App on both the iOS and Google Play Store as a free App, or can be accessed via their webpage for ease of use.

You can check out their web based system here: http://www.tokywoky.com/coach/


Someone is being mean! How do I report them?

If someone is being a less than savoury chap you can report a response via the Flag button at the top right of the chat window. This will let us know what someone is being less than helpful, and we can hopefully resolve the issue for you quickly!




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Jonny has worked for Patrol Base for 5+ years, working in the media department and on the main website. Responsible for managing the software which runs the website, bringing new features wherever possible. You can get in contact via Facebook and Instagram.

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