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TokyWoky – NUPROL RZR BB Feedback


You may remember a few weeks ago we asked some of our coaches to test the new NUPROL RZR BBs in our recent Blog Post, TokyWoky Coach RZR BB Test Giveaway, and the results are in. We posted some BBs out to Mullered, Chris Peckham, Olitippo, Cooperman and The Mill Practical Pistol Club for testing in various Guns and different situations.

Mullered - 0.20g

We sent the .20g RZR BBs to Mullered to test in his G&G Firehawk.

Sunday was awesome playing with the BBs, not a problem ..maybe the capacity of 3300 could be improved as I have rinsed them all 😉

Chris Peckham - 0.25g

We sent the .25g RZR BBs to Chris Peckham to run in his Scorpion Evo and We-Tech G-Series Pistols, to get his opinions on the BBs during an Airsoft Skirmish, and he agrees there is definitely an improvement made over the first batch of Nuprol BB.

Chris Peckham
I have had the chance to use the BBs in the field and test in more controlled conditions.
Whilst running the New RZR 0.25g BBs I have fired around 800 in skirmish and a further 300-500 In controlled ranged shooting which has given me the opportunity to test how the work. I found that the RZR 0.25g BB are almost the complete opposite of the last brand of BBs NUPROL released and I can tell they have learnt from the mistake and have aimed for perfection in these BBs. In the 3-4 hours skirmishing I did while running these new BB I couldn’t fault them at all, they fed perfectly in my ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1, we-tech G35 and my we-tech 2T speed G17 and not a single shot was off (At least the ones that I pointed in the right direction) helping me and my team mates the dominate the field that morning.
I also tested them at range on a target. The BBs didn’t lower, if not improved, the performance I am used to with the Evo. No miss fires, no rogue BBs or miss-feeds.
The packaging is also great as it looks good and NUPROL have left the almost standard cylinder shape the most of the company’s who make the gas, BBs , etc. I usually use which means I am not having to pick it up off the floor every 5 minutes which is a nice change. Joking aside the RZR BBs bottle is problem the best looking on the market and it doesn’t feel or look cheap either like some brands.
These BBs have performed great and I would recommend them to all players wanting high quality BBs.

Chris was also kind enough to send us across pictures of himself in his kit, holding the BBs.

chris-peckham-025g-bb-2 chris-peckham-025g-bb-3

Olitippo - 0.28g

We sent the .28g RZR BBs to Olitippo to test in his KWA MP9,  ASG P-09 and G&G Wild Hog.

Hey! Took them to halo mill yesterday and did quite well with them, fed fine in everything and seemed to be accurate enough. Only comments i would have is inconsistent shooting in my Tri shot which is probably the gun's fault and the BBs had inconsistent air bubbles inside that might effect shooting at long range but for what I used them for is not an issue. Overall I did enjoy using them and they work a lot better for me than the older nuprol BBs. If you would like any other information about my use of them let me know!

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey! which other guns did you use the BBs in? 🙂

Ran them through the KWA MP9, ASG P09, Umarex UMP at halo mill. Before then I ran them through 2 different G&G M4s and a WE g17 and 1911! They fired fine through everything else aswell.

Cooperman - 0.30g

We sent the .30g RZR BBs to Cooperman to test in his MK23 Socom and AK47.

Hi. I have tested 4x MK23 Magazines (100ish BBs) of the RZR .30g BBs in my garden, No Fliers What so ever, 100% accuracy, No Jams, I'm going to test them when I go to the field and I will tell you as well about that, but so far they are AMAZING!

PatrolBase Jonny
Good stuff! 🙂 Christopher has had good results with his too 🙂

Any chance me getting my hands on any more? Some mates wana try them, and also i used them in my VSR10 and they are perfect!

Mill Practical Pistol Team, Mark - 0.32g

We sent sent the .32g RZR BBs to the Mill Practical Pistol Team, and asked Mark to give them a go who has won numerous awards and medals during his time as a Practical Pistol Shooter. Mark owns a highly customised Race Pistol, which is specifically designed for Accuracy, Trigger response, and is built to handle Speed Target Shooting competitions using 6mm BB guns.

I was given a bottle of Nuprol .32 BBs to test in my race pistols.
I previously shot .28's and to be honest I was more than happy with them, thinking my groups couldn't get any tighter.
Out came the 'cheap' gun, a box Standard Armorer Works HX-2201, this already gave me 2 inch groups at 10M on .28's so didn't think it would get any better
WOW, how wrong was I? Well how about 20mm group of 28 rounds! Yep a full Open Division mag full, all into a 20mm grouping. At this point I brought out the 'Big' gun, a full custom Airsoft Masterpiece STI DVC. This had a 6.02mm tight bore as it was the best I found for the .28's I fed it with. In went the .32 Nuprol.
WOW, again 28 rounds down range, no matter which way I measured the group I couldn't get it over 15mm.
Safe to say I've found my new BB of choice for competition use. More than enough umpff to knock a steel popper down at 20M too. Love them.

You can find out more information about The Mill Huddersfield Practical Shooting Club by visiting their Facebook Page.

nuprol-0-32g-bb-halo-mill-practical-pistol-group-3 nuprol-0-32g-bb-halo-mill-practical-pistol-group-2

From all the feedback, the results were great, and we will definitely be stocking the BBs which will all be available online soon!

In conclusion, a massive thank you to all the people that have tested the BBs, and a big shout out to Mullered, Chris Peckham, Olitippo, Cooperman and Mark from The Mill Practical Pistol Club.

Let us know what BBs you're looking forward to below in the comments section!

Hope this helps 🙂
- PatrolBase Jonny

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