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Ultimate Hop-Units

One of the new internal upgrade products we have and are proud of using is the "ASG Ultimate Hop Unit". We currently stock M4/15/16 style and AK47/74 style of hop units.

The units are made from metal and both have a high quality finish with a range of little extra perks that most other hop units don't include. Each hop unit has several o-rings to create a tighter air seal from the second the BB leaves your magazine. The back end of the hop unit also has an o-ring that goes into the gearbox around the air nozzle in your AEG.

These two additions allow for a tighter air seal and slightly higher fps than usual however.... We do recommend that you remove the o-ring that goes into the gearbox around the air nozzle. We have found that the consistency of the FPS is slightly better but you do loose a couple of FPS but this does vary between AEG and different gearbox type!

The Ultimate hop units also are a lot tighter on the mechanical wheels and spindles with no side to side movement. They are initially hard to adjust but soon soften up a little but when the hop it set it will not move unless you adjust the hop your self. As with any new hop unit and hop rubber you need to bed it in. This can take anything from 1000 BBs to 3000+! So don't be dis-hartened if at first you have BBs going straight then up in the sky the next shot, take some time out to pump a few thousand rounds through it such as our cheap but excellent quality " ASG Blaster 3000rnd 0.2g BBs" before you go out on the field.

We hope you have as much fun with the hop unit and your AEG once being fitted and see just how good they are. Be sure to take your time when assembling and ensure everything is lined up perfectly. We also recommend using either a Tokyo Marui hop rubber or the "ASG Ultimate hop rubbers" we stock with the hop unit for best results.

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