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Ultimate Upgrade Series

Recently we have stocked up hugely on Airsoft AEG internals due to popular demand. With a boom in recent repairs being carried out in our in-store workshop, we have moved on from the old and now in with the new ASG Ultimate range of internals for a range of Airsoft guns.

The new internals include:

  • Piston heads
  • Tappet plates
  • Gears
  • Hop rubbers
  • Hop units
  • Shims
  • Spring guides
  • Pistons
  • & More!!!

All of the upgrade parts are suitable for a range of Airsoft guns too including M4/15/16 range, P90's, AK47s/74s and many more, all of which can be found on our website - "Click here".

One of the biggest favours of using the Ultimate series is cost. You can afford to create a near 100% airtight setup in your gearbox and in turn making the mechanical function significantly quiet with the use of ASG's Ultimate "Piston head" and "Cylinder head".

All of the parts can be thrown straight into any Airsoft AEG providing they match up to your version gearbox however we do recommend that if you go for a full "Ultimate Gear set" that you also consider purchasing the "Ultimate Cut off lever". Using ultimate gears with a different make of a cut off lever can cause some selector issues.

All the part are finished to high quality too and either polished silver or anodized in vibrant colours too which is a nice touch. Each replacement/upgrade part are produced to an excellent standard with high quality features.

The cylinder head alone has extra o-rings compared to more expensive alternatives and also has sorbo pads on the inside to dampen impact between it self and the piston head, extra little benefits for no extra cost.

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