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Urban Sniper – Skirmish Review!

Welcome to the 1st part review on the ASG Urban Sniper, sold in store and online. The rifle was used by myself on the 5th at Alpha One Airsoft (woodland site) as an "Emergency Purchase". It was used all day using 0.4g BBs. This review will highlight my first impressions, faults, findings and future plans.


What's included in the box?
# Rifle
# Scope
# 2x magazines
# Bipod
# Tools for assembly and adjustments

The gun came straight out of the box firing at a consistent 450fps, I decided to take the gamble and go for using 0.4g BBs. Usually a hop arm mod is needed to apply more pressure. However on the morning of skirmish I took the rifle to be chronod and set the hop to my amazement the hop can send a 0.4g BB sky high with little pressure applied! Morning range was a comfortable 50 to 60 meters accurately.

However... BBs do go to the right, some other owners of this rifle say they go to the left. My BBs only drifted right by 5ft max but is something that needs looking into later by myself. This was not caused by wind or trees. I shot the rifle all morning in hope it was just some excessive grease / hop needed bedding in. Within the first 2 hours of skirmish the range and accuracy definitely increased. By dinner time I needed to apply a little more hop and re adjust my sights.


After dinner I was still getting drifters, the problem is highlighted in the picture below... The hop arm not sat straight, more pressure is applied towards the right line as you can see more light on the left. This can be fixed by simply twisting the inner barrel slightly on full disasembly. Make sure not to trap your hop rubber and cut it though:


So by the end of the day the range had increased by 10 meters, I am confident the gun was hitting 70 meters relatively accurately, just from bedding in and adjusting the hop over the day. I still think there is more potential when the excessive grease is cleaned out, as pictured below, grease has overflown from the bolt internally and has reached areas that do not move. An easy 5 minute clean to resolve this.


I have also just changed the stock over for something more comfortable.


Overall review:
# Excellent rifle for beginners and experienced Airsofters who like to try a sniper role
# A great complete package with spare mag for under £110
# Needs to be cleaned of excessive grease and check hop alignment - 15 minutes work and can be done in store before posting / collection
# Fires 450fps out of the box max
# Fires consistent and relatively accurate to 65 meters out of the box

Problems I encountered:
# BBs swerve to one side after certain distance - Caused by misaligned hop
# Bolt sometimes catches upper if slammed in and not straight - Will be chamfered for easier use as shown below:


Future plans for this rifle:
# Straighten the hop - 15 minute fix
# One piece barrel spacer - Extra accuracy between each shot
# Full service which should up the fps some more
# Suppressor and bigger scope!

I want to keep the rifle as lightweight as possible and at the moment I don't feel like a bigger spring would increase the range that much. The straighter hop should help a lot along with the de grease job. The gun will be re-reviewed on the field next time! So keep eyes out on our home page and Facebook for that update.

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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9 thoughts on “Urban Sniper – Skirmish Review!”

  1. Nicholas Fisher

    so the hop alignment will be checked and excess grease will in store before posting if i were to purchase this gun?


    1. Karl Post author

      Hi there, if you can inform us before making ordering by phoning our store we will happily do so at an additional cost of £5.


  2. scott ongley

    No matter how i try i can not seem to be able to remove my bolt from my trigger could you maybe do a video of how it is done, i can take everything else apart just not not that. i need to clean it.


  3. Steve

    On the ASG urban sniper it says adjustable hop up but how do you adjust it as on the diagram on the paper in the box says it just by the mag but there’s a hole with nothing to adjust?


  4. Daniel

    Hi, out of interest how lefty friendly is the this rifle as I am looking at getting one and if so is it easy to change.


  5. Tris

    Hey, For a v new sniper who doesn’t exactly know how to mod weapons but want to learn and play around with parts to increase accuracy etc, (that’s me by the way), would this rifle be ideal? And what 0.4s do you use for this? Cheers


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