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VISM AK Rails – Milspec!

Let's get tactical!

One of our regulars wanted to take his AK to the next level. First of all, MILSPE. What does it mean? It stands for Military Spec and whenever you see it on our website you will know that item is made to the exact dimensions for it to be used on a real steel weapon.


There are many Airsoft brands that will accept parts and accessories designed for military use (real guns) or may require a little sanding/filing/grinding to for an Airsoft replica.

Why buy Milspec?

Realism! The weight, build quality and markings all make up for the price and 99% of the time when it is fitted to your Airsoft gun it just feels great. You are purchasing reliability and construction quality that is second to none.

So what are we fitting today?

Our customer wanted a VISM Keymod rail installed to their Real Sword AK. The VISM Keymod Rail is a real steel AK rail and will fit most AK's with no or minor work. In this case, we had to widen the section that surrounds the rear sight block slightly.


Other than that, it's a perfect fit and sits straight when tightened. The rail is rock solid when installed on a good AK (in this case, a RealSword Type-56). It is very lightweight and offers an increased amount of battery space for Airsofters if so wished.

Some extra juicy details:

The VISM AK Keymod Rail has a large amount of KEYMOD panels, allowing for precise customization of where the user wants to install accessories.


It also features thread holes on top (as well as KEYMOD) for installation of micro-dot sights (specifically NCstar). Micro-dot sights can be installed very low in this way, which allows for co-witness with the iron sights.

But wait there is more!

These rails come in two sizes, perfect for a variety of AK's and whatever look you are aiming to achieve. Click the images below to be directed to the one you want for your own Airsoft AK Variant.



This blog post has been brought to you by our gun tech, Jeppe :)

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