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This week at Patrol Base we have received a new shipment of brand new BBs from WE Europe! As part of their upcoming Nuprol Range WE Europe have manufactured their own range of BB's ranging from 0.2g all the way up to 0.43g in various colours for players to enjoy.

If you've been looking to try a new brand of BB to try and squeeze an extra bit of range and accuracy out of your Airsoft AEG, Shotgun, Gas Gun or Spring Rifle these are the hottest new BB on the market.

We have received the following types:

# NUPROL 0.20g Diamond Grade 6mm BB x 3000 - Light Blue - £6.99
NUPROL 0.25g Diamond Grade 6mm BB x 3000 - Light Green - £8.99
NUPROL 0.28g Diamond Grade 6mm BB x 3000 - Pink - £12.99
NUPROL 0.30g Diamond Grade 6mm BB x 3000 - White - £13.99
NUPROL 0.32g Diamond Grade 6mm BB x 3000 - White - £15.99
NUPROL 0.36g Diamond Grade 6mm BB x 3000 - Light Yellow - £18.99
NUPROL 0.40g Diamond Grade 6mm BB x 3000 - Light Yellow - £22.99
NUPROL 0.43g Diamond Grade 6mm BB x 3000 - Light Yellow - £24.99


Another great thing about the BB is the difference in colours, allowing you to quickly and easily indentify the weight you have in your magazine or in your speed loader. Another interesting colour choice is the use of light yellow BB for their Super Heavyweight 0.40g BB and 0.43g BB is also interesting as it will allow players  to easily see the BB's in fight down their scopes.

The bottles too have also been designed to be useful from the ground up, with different coloured tops to show the weight, as well as a re-enforced cap to reduce the chance of breakage when dropped to keep your BB safe and stop them spilling on the floor. The side of the bottle is also designed to be flat to prevent the bottle from rolling around if left on a table or bench during a skirmish.

These BB's show great promise, and we can't wait to get feedback from the use of them. The Nuprol brand looks promising and like it's here to stay, the only question is, which of their BB will you be buying first? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments section below!

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