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We Interview Airsoft Youtuber Names Nicco

This month we invited YouTube Personality Names Nicco in to meet up for an interview, and to show him around the shop! We put together a bunch of questions, as well as some from our customers and put them to him into an interview which you can check out below! If text isn't for you then you can also find the video below!

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Nico, and I'm an Airsoft Youtuber.

How long have you been Airsofting for?

I've been Airsofting for about a year and 6 months, maybe a little less.

What was your first Airsoft Gun.

My first ever Airsoft gun was a Classic Army ARMALITE M4. Had to really think about that sorry.

What gun do you currently Pew with?

My Tokyo Marui 416, and I've also been using a Krytac lately but it's predominantly the 416, but I'm looking to change that up a little bit.

CQB or Woodland?

CQB all day, all day... I Just think with woodland it depends how the sites are run, but with CQB it's like no one can hide it's man versus man.

Your skills and your knowledge versus his skills and his knowledge and it's just generally more action more intense.

I feel like my gun is raised a lot more and like I'm like my attention is captivated for a lot longer than it would be in woodland, but then some woodland sites I've been to that are actually run really good: I've also had a
great time.

But in all honesty it's got to be CQB.

What is your favourite site and why?

It's got to be South Coast CQB, the Mecca mate of just CQB.

It's, it's, just really good ran really well. All their marshals there are top blokes, the geezers that go a lot of them are ex-military. Their attitudes and bants is on point.

It's just really good I always have a great time, hands down.

If you had unlimited funds, what bit of kit or rifle would you buy right away and by?

Well obviously I just have to go all CRY'd out cos' you gotta do at least once right you know I mean. I'd go CRY or die at least once.

But rifle wise in all honesty mate I'm really, I'd just like a very reliable TM that doesn't break. That'd be great.

Oh! And some night-vision goggles. I may as well join the club hadn't I really.

Are you planning on doing any MilSims this year, and if so which ones?

Well... I've just done MSW in California, Milsim West.

I did an insurgency game. That was brilliant, so if there's any Milsim that are similar to that one I'd be all ears.

I'm not too sure on the Milsim scene, I don't know how good it is in the UK at the moment.

Something I need to look into but if it's worth the time and I'm not just like staggered on for six hours. I'm not here to sit down.

Who's got the most minerals?

Who's got the most minerals? Oooh.

Mate, I might have to give it to Kicking Mustang, you know because that geezer does not give a **** at all.

So I'm going to have to give it to him mate, he has got the most minerals bless him.

What do you think of a Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles themed MilSim?

Mate, have you not seen the Ninja Turtles and power rangers crossover movie?

Are you having my eyes out? Maaate. Yeah absolutely hideously I'm there Sign me up!

What's happening in Vienna?

So what I'm planning to do in Vienna: Novritsch is shooting his, or opening sorry, his first launch for his business and he's an invited a load of youtubers and social media personality to go down and have a bit of a powwow down there.

I don't actually know the ins and outs of it we just kind of got in this little black invitation and that was it.

It's a bit mysterious really.

It's this month, end of this month.

What are your first impressions of Patrol Base?

Just squared away. Got all the kit, busy... no stock though... just no stock at all... I'm joking, I'm joking.

No, they've got loads of stock. Yeah I don't know where this banter is coming from but yeah: It's like there's a whole operation going on here.

Cameras, lights, you've got some fancy little white room in there. Yeah man just good.

Reppin' the UK Airsoft scene in proper.

Is it ever acceptable to talk when dead in game?

No. I did it once and I got some serious heat for it it was it.

It was this at this thing called Rift Sim and it was like the end of the day and everyone was just like kind of messing around and there was still still some people in.

I was like live streaming just to try and just like push some attention. I was like, Oh **** he's behind you. But I was dead, and I forgot and I just got a bit overly excited didn't I.

If your YouTube channel got deleted today would you still play Airsoft?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think it's good fitness, but for me it's just shooting people good fun right. Do you know what I mean.

Interest in Names Nicco's YouTube channel, you can find it here:


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