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WE XDM 4.5 Tactical Pistol Review

Welcome to my review of the WE XDM 4.5 (Kyle B) tactical Gas blow back pistol, which is available in-store and online (Our Price: £99.99 "Click Here to BUY NOW"). This pistol was the first Gas Blowback that I have owned and I still use it as my main sidearm to this date. This review will express some of the main features and the performance this pistol has delivered.


What's included in the box?

- WE XDM Pistol
-25 Round Magazine
-A choice of different length grips
-User Manual

Our Price: £99.99 "Click Here to BUY NOW"


The gun came straight out of the box firing at a constant 270-280FPS using 0.2g Blaster BB's (as ever this depends on the gas you use and temperature) which is a great result for a close quarters side arm. In terms of the range of this pistol, the hop up works very well and efficiently , most of the time I only use a little bit of hop up as the range is very good and the accuracy of this pistol is also very surprising for just a gas blow back pistol, in terms of hits I have achieved with this pistol, I managed to hit a target from 40 meters away with a close grouping which would equal the size of a torso at this range or even a head sized target. This just shows how good this pistol is!



In terms of safety on this pistol, it has three points of safety mechanisms, which are:

-Safety selector switch located under the front rail of the pistol
-A two stage trigger and a
- Grip pressure switch - Similar to that of a 1911

under safetygrip safety2 stage trigger

Both the grip pressure switch and the two stage trigger need to be applied before the pistol will shoot which does add a level of safety and also helps give a firm grip of the pistol. I also really like the realistic firing pin look, which comes out when the gun is loaded and stays flush when it is de-cocked, which shows a realistic aspect.


The maintenance of this pistol is also very simple, as the slide comes off easily and allows you to reach the internals with minimal stripping.


Also another point to add about the loading of the magazines is the fast and easy design which allows you to load the magazine from the bottom of where the spring guide is, which makes it easier and also stacks the BB's properly!

easy fill hop


Overall I have had this pistol for over 2 years and it is still going strong, I definitely would recommend this pistol to anyone, from beginners to advanced players due to its performance and ease of use.

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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