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Website and Shop Stock : They’re now separate

Had a problem with a product out of stock after you've ordered it? This should be far less of a problem now as we've changed the way we handle stock at Patrol Base. We've been listening, and we've hopefully stopped it from happening again.

Though rare, it sometimes happens, sometimes we've had people buy something online at the same time as someone in the shop has purchased it physically. Which is unfortunately caused due to the time delay between being able to pick the items, meaning sometimes the items sold in the shop before we could get to pick them. This isn't a huge percentage of orders, but when you're sending out the volume that we are it can happen a few times per week, and we hate having to ring a customer and tell them we can't fulfil their order.

To combat the problem we've separated the shop stock from the warehouse stock, meaning that if something is online and for sale you're always going to have priority.

This takes us closer to having a perfect stock system, and will hopefully reduce the amount of problems we have with orders!

Hopefully this will sort a lot of out of stock problems. Don't forget if you want to see a product in store you can always give us a call on: 01484 644709 and we can have a product sent across from the warehouse for you to see.


Stock in the shop

A product is available online, does that mean I can see it in the shop?

PatrolBase Jonny
If a product is available online it generally should be available in the shop too, we always try to keep one of everything in the shop. If you want to make sure that an item is in stock in the shop please feel free to call us on: 01484 644709 and we can let you know. Worst case scenario we can get one sent up from the warehouse when you arrive! Hope this helps 🙂

Can things be in stock in the shop but not online?

If something isn't in stock online will it be in store?

Generally no, the online sales take priority, so if we've got one left of a product in stock we'll send it back to the warehouse to be sold online. If you want to double check please feel free to call us on: 01484 644709 and we can check out the stock levels for you. Worst case scenario we can get one sent up from the warehouse when you arrive in store 🙂 Hope this helps 🙂

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Jonny has worked for Patrol Base for 5+ years, working in the media department and on the main website. Responsible for managing the software which runs the website, bringing new features wherever possible. You can get in contact via Facebook and Instagram.

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