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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is an ever growing sport all around the world. Within indoor and outdoor events where teams or individuals battle against one and another similar to paintball but with BB's rather than balls of paint.

Airsoft is generally seen as being more of a military / real warfare experience rather than paintball. Airsoft weapons and gear can be purchased so the player looks and plays exactly as you would expect to see a real life soldier in action.
Airsoft as a sport is based more on realism as the weapons that you use are 1:1 replicas of real world weapons such as M4s, AK47s and M14s. Generally Airsoft can be an expensive sport but nowhere near as much has paintball can be. Airsoft is highly enjoyable and physically demanding at times. With events all over the country and in other places around the world, you are always able to find local sites.

Airsoft weapons are generally of three different types. AEG (Automatic Electronic Gun) guns are electronically powered using motors, gearboxes and other parts. Spring powered guns are generally seen as being shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols. Gas guns are the other type of gun. Gas guns come in all shapes and sizes being replicas of pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and more.

Airsoft weapons can be purchased as RIF's (Replica image firearms) or two tones (painted in bright illuminous colours. RIF's are 1:1 scale and visual representation of the real gun and can only be obtained legally if you own a UKARA licence and you are over the age of 18. Two tone guns are generally bought for younger children and are usually less powerful compared to RIF's but still require a person over the age of 18 to buy them.

Games played in Airsoft depend on what sites you play at. There are a range of team and squad based objectives such has securing stations, capturing prisoners, blowing up other objectives and much more. Airsoft is generally played for fun but the objectives and game play resemble military actions.
Airsoft is a game of trust. As you are firing bb's at one and another that don't leave a mark, you are supposed to shout "Hit" when you are hit by a BB. Depending on the game type and rules determines what happens once you are hit. Generally you can be mediced or can go back to a spawn point. Airsoft games are also marshalled like in paintball, so if a marshal sees or is notified of people not taking hits and cheating or not following other site rules, the marshal is the person who will sort out the issue to ensure it doesn't occur again. Not following site rules can result in being sent off site

Airsoft is there to be enjoyed by the masses, come visit us in store or online to find out more information.



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