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What the KRYPTEK? Why is it orange?

What the heck is that colour?

A few of our customers have been questioning the colour of the new VORTEX KRYPTEK Inferno Cap, how could it possibly serve any purpose? Well, we're here to tell you it does have a purpose, and because most of you reading this now are probably not from the US it might come as a surprise: the hat is actually designed for use by hunters!


Hunters? Really? Why Hunters?

Less of a fashion statement, and more of a requirement! In the US a lot of states have very specific regulations on what should be worn whilst hunting, and a lot of them require the hunter to wear bright orange clothing to allow people to see them!

Whats really interesting is that KRYPTEK has specifically designed this pattern to be hard to see by animals, but be incredibly easy to be seen by other hunters!

But why in Airsoft?

Well, we wouldn't particularly say that this would be a great pick for camo to wear for concealment, but it does look rather fancy if you want to wear it out and about when you're not playing. Alternatively, if you're a Marshall and you're prone to getting shot by your players, this might just make you a little bit more obvious when combined with your high vis jacket!

Interesting! Where can I learn more?

If you want to learn more about which states require you to wear Hunter Orange clothing you can read all about it on KRYPTEK's official website: Hunter Orange Requirements Regulations Document.

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