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Where did Airosft come from?

Airsoft..... Something we love to do on a fortnightly or even weekly basis, to go out with your mates and shoot at one and another all day with little plastic balls and play like soldiers with toy guns.

"Airsoft was created and marketed in Japan in the 1980s, due to civilian ownership of firearms being banned. Airsoft was used to closely emulate real guns. Now air soft guns have been adapted with a purely recreational application in mind. Many air soft guns are produced in China and Japan, where their distribution and sale is restricted. This has sometimes led to shipments of arms to many Airsoft dealers being confiscated. Air soft guns are also produced in the Philippines, the United States, and Taiwan."

Source - Wikipedia (Because we all know Wikipedia is the number one website for facts and history)

Below are a few pictures of Airosft games taking place at a local site near Patrol Base named "Heywood" taken by Jack Brooke. Owned by First and Only Airosft.

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