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White 0.40g Sniper Ammo!

Finally! A White heavyweight Airsoft Sniper BB that is 0.40g in weight and works! In this blog you will see we have carried out several tests to ensure they are reliable for use in your Airsoft sniper rifle.

The BBs arrived yesterday from ASG and we were straight on with the task to find out the following:
# Do they feel straight out of the bottle in a standard barrel?
# Do they feed through a 6.03mm, 6.02mm and 6.01mm tight-bore inner barrel?
# Are there any deformities inside
# Do they absorb moisture once opened?

Keep on reading below to find out the results. We promise you will not be disappointed!

Straight out of the bottle we tried to chew on one. Yes... a chew test. Before we have encountered heavyweight BBs that are so soft you can chew them. Straight away these passed with flying colours. We then tried to crush them in pliers, once again they stood strong! Once split in half we found no air pockets, nice even distribution throughout the entire pellet.

We then went and rolled them down several barrel dimensions including standard, 6.03mm, 6.02mm and 6.01mm and straight out of the bottle they were perfect. We tested roughly 900 BBs and not a single jam, drag or snag. PERFECT! So far... But we know most users would not be happy there and neither are we.


Recently most of the "available" heavyweight ammo on the market have been causing guns to Jam straight out of the bottle or after a few days due to them absorbing moisture. A highly annoying discovery to everyone who spends alot of money stocking up on what they thought were going to be great BBs.

So, we have left the BBs in a cup of water over night.

Once soaked we dried them off in some paper towel then rubbed in our hands and left to stand for a while.

Once confidently dried out we then rolled down a barrel once again.

The results? Prefect feeding and no expansion in size. Check out the video below.

As for the tolerance between each BB we found excellent results and once tested in the Chrono the FPS readings were just as consistent too. The BB size varied from 5.92mm to 5.95mm in the handful we tested.


To buy your own ASG - 0.40g Blaster 6mm Heavyweight Sniper BB White x 1000 BBs "Click Here".

We have tested these BBs in a rifle but only up to 10 meters in store. But with the impact sound, accuracy and flight path currently recorded we expect excellent results down range. Hopefully this coming Sunday we will have up to 100 meter test results.

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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