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Why go to Lipo?

After months of pondering whether the move from the standard 9.6v NI-MH battery to Lipo, I decided to go for the plunge the other day. Along with my "trusty" M4 I also had two other guns that I fancied trying lipo out on which included a JG G3 and a Cyma AK47. All of these guns are fully upgraded in terms of shims, bushings, tight bore barrel, hop rubber and a good air seal in all of the AEG's.

After a full days skirmish in a woodland site using all the guns (being shared between myself and friends) the results were mixed but I didn't walk away feeling I had wasted my money.. All of the AEG's ranges in FPS from 310 to 350 but all of them have been upgraded to supply a high rate of fire at an average of 30 rounds per second or higher.

The M4 and the G3 both used a 7.4V 1400mAh lipo stick battery. The Upgraded Cyma AK47 used an 11.1V 1600mAh lipo block battery. Unfortunately the AK 37 was only used for half a day as the fuse went and blew out due to the high voltage and ampage. The other two guns managed to get a strong 3/4's of the days use before the Lipo alarms started to bleep. We recommend that after you hear the Lipo Alarm beep for a second time, change or remove the battery?

Compared to the old 9.6V 1600mAh crane stock NI-MH battery, the 7.4V Lipos deliver a noticeable faster rate of fire and nicer feeling trigger response. The price of Lipos are also considerably cheaper when you look at it in the sense a 7.4V Lipo at £13 runs at the same ROF as a £30 96V 4300mAh battery.

So overall, when you consider you are getting practically an extra two to three volts performance for a battery at half the price of a NI-MH alternative, Lipos are worth it. The batteries come in a range of sizes but the higher the voltage the more strain can be put on your gearbox so you must ensure it is properly serviced, shimmed and setup which is a service we can provide here at Patrol Base.

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