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WIN Free Airsoft Skirmish

Fancy a free Airsoft game?

Then all you need to do is comment on our blog post with a caption as to what these two In the photo may be discussing.


The prize is free game play entry to the next HALO MILL Proving Grounds game held on the 5th of June 2016. For full site details please "Click Here".

Rules are listed below:

# Keep your comments clean!
# Winner will be announced on the 31st of May 2016 and
# Winning details will be posted on a new blog and on our "Facebook Page"
# Entree must be aged 14+, if you win you will have to be accompanied by a responsible (paying) adult
# The prize covers FREE ENTRY ONLY, food, transport and rental are not included
# Winner will be chosen at random
# Please use your real name and correct email address when submitting a comment!

Please note this information may change at any date so be sure to keep checking back for updates. We will clearly state *UPDATE* when and if any changes are made to the rules or T&C's

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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14 thoughts on “WIN Free Airsoft Skirmish”

  1. Adam Roy

    Ground personnel will have to mark target positions with infrared strobes. Get Little Birds on strafing runs and keep ’em going all night long. If we don’t hold back this city… we’re gonna have a hundred caskets to fill by morning.


  2. Oliver Hartley

    Day 34,

    Let me look at that map, wait where did the map go! This is just a picture of a cat!

    I don’t know thought you had it.



  3. Sam Baker

    “So you got that right?”
    “2 Sugars, leave the teabag in for 3.5 minutes, then add milk”


  4. Sebastian Robinson

    The leaflet says 31st of May… So why are we here on the 24th? Time to pitch up the tents…


  5. Tom Alvey

    “It clearly states ‘Airsoft site- London'”

    “Yeah London, Canada… No wonder we haven’t been shot yet, and those joggers looked pretty terrified.”


  6. Lee

    Airsofter 1
    “you let your missus pack your kit again didn’t you!?!”
    Airsofter 2
    “how did you guess?”
    Airsofter 1
    “think she’s giving you a hint mate”
    Airsofter 2
    “what the f**k you on about?”
    Airsofter 1
    “this isn’t our map! It’s a page from an IKEA catalogue with a dressing table circled!”
    Airsofter 2


  7. Lee taylor-moore

    Hey Dave!!!!!!!
    Yes John..

    Dave – Look at this receipt for all this new gear i got.

    John – Wow you got a full kit out for that little a price

    Dave – Yeah im well impressed

    John – where did you get it from?

    Dave – Got it all from patrol base, great staff and very knowledgeable will be going there again.

    John – i’ll be going there for my kit…


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